Divorcing a Narcissist: The Suzanne Shaw and Peter Cook Saga Continues

Divorcing a Narcissist: The Suzanne Shaw and Peter Cook Saga Continues

by Tina Swithin

There are several things that I know to be true of Narcissists and the Narcissist’s World (which includes their inner circle: new girlfriend, new wife, etc).

  • When tragedy strikes, so do they.
  • They hate to be ignored.  They cannot handle it.
  • The Narcissist’s inner circle often goes into ‘attack mode’ to protect their Narcissist from anyone who tries to shed light on the situation or the Narcissist.  They feed the Narcissist’s ego by defending him and in turn, they are showered with gifts, compliments and validation that “he” is the most wonderful man on the planet.

There was an article posted in today’s New York Post about Suzanne Shaw and Peter Cook.  Many media sources suggest that Suzanne has fled the country amidst rumors that Mr. Cook cheated on her.  Shocking, I know.  The article goes onto quote Suzanne Shaw as saying, “The black cloud of Christie Brinkley’s hate has hung over our lives for the five years I have been with Peter, and has taken an unhappy toll on me and my daughter’s life — on all our lives. I needed a break.”

My comments in reference to my three observations of Narcissists and how it relates to this situation:

1. When tragedy strikes, so do they.  Christie Brinkley is in mourning.  She has lost both parents in a very short period of time and this loss has devastated her, as it would anyone of us.  Therefore, he is lashing out at her while she is down.  Most of us can’t understand that because we have compassion and empathy.  Narcissists have never (nor can they ever) experienced compassion or empathy.  It is impossible.  They are emotionally deceased.

The general public is uneducated on Narcissism. They wrongfully assume that Mr. Cook must have valid reason to have so much animosity towards Ms. Brinkley. Why else would his constant attacks happen? They happen because he has an incurable personality disorder than makes him inhuman. If you are unfamiliar with Narcissism, this is textbook behavior and I encourage you to research Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how it relates to divorce before passing judgement.

2. They hate to be ignored.  They simply cannot handle it. Mr. Cook has been relentless in his pursuit to attack her and to stay front and center in the media spotlight- in true Narcissistic fashion.  He is in need of his next “fix” by attacking her or trying to gain media attention.  The bottom line is: he can’t get his fix and it is making him insane.

3. The Narcissist’s inner circle often goes into ‘attack mode’ to protect their Narcissist from anyone who tries to shed light on the situation or the Narcissist.  They feed the Narcissist’s ego by defending him and in turn, they are showered with gifts, compliments and validation that “he” is the most wonderful man on the planet and has been victimized.  I have walked in these shoes.  I made the typical excuses in my head: “No one understands him like I do”.  Narcissists have an uncanny ability to make themselves out to be the victim and because their supply sources (Suzanne Shaw) can’t believe that he is anything but wonderful, she goes on the attack.

Another excerpt from today’s New York Post:

Shaw’s become increasingly vocal in the fracas between Cook and his ex, whom she describes as “vengeful.” In June she posted a list of “lies” she accused Brinkley of propagating on the model’s Facebook page. “I posted it early,” Shaw said. “Peter told me she is a late sleeper so I got a good hour or so out of it . . . ha ha.”

Brinkley had no comment. But a source countered: “Christie’s been occupied all summer by her parents who were ill. She recently buried both of them. She has been in mourning . . . and is starting rehearsals for the tour of ‘Chicago.’ ” The source added, “Suzanne has been the vengeful one by posting on Christie’s Facebook page.”

My final comments:

I like many am sitting here trying to figure out what the current issue is?  Ms. Shaw “fled the country” sometime this summer and Christie has been at her dying parents bedside for many, many months.  Maybe the media reports of Mr. Cook’s infidelity are true (no one saw THAT coming!) and in an effort to save face, Suzanne is trying to avoid the wrath of “I told ya so” by shifting the focus off of herself.

I think that the black cloud has a name and it has absolutely nothing to do with Christie Brinkley.  By all accounts, I believe that it is Suzanne Shaw who is incredibly vengeful in her relentless pursuit to attack Ms. Brinkley during her time of mourning.  I can personally attest to this because I was on the receiving end of messages from Ms. Shaw in the aftermath of their most recent court trial.

I admire Ms. Brinkley’s grace when she addresses the media in the same way she addresses Mr. Cook’s attacks, “No comment”.      


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15 Responses

  1. You are spot on here Tina as usual. The fact that these two think for a moment that their self created wrath and misery are of any concern to anyone is perplexing. She is the classic, brainwashed accomplice and he is as shameless and delusional as ever. Peter and the bride of Frankenstein remind me of that quote “Some people light up a room whenever they enter and others whenever they leave…” God bless sweet Christie who always gives back whenever and wherever she might and shame on these two pathetic, egomaniacs.

  2. It is mind boggling that these totally transparent losers continually attempt to bamboozle everyone by assuming we are all there for the fooling. My sister’s ex is exactly like this guy and he refuses to deal with his own dishonor by blaming my sister forever – and all she was ever guilty of also was being devoted to a creep. Who cares what this toxic fellow has to say and doesn’t he have a clue about how ridiculous he looks with his endless public whining and blaming of anyone but himself?

  3. It’s shocking how two insignificant fools can manipulate the press. Who on earth would email the NY Post, expose the story of marital problems and admit there is proof of infidelity, then go on to blame her soon to be ex’s ex-wife? This story is simple. He cheated on Shaw and he got caught. She fled the country and is now seeking to dump him. Cook just figured out another way to garner more media exposure for himself and divert blame to innocent Christie, still mourning the loss of her loving parents. I wish he would set up shop in Bali and we never have to hear from these two low-life pigs ever again.

  4. Thank you. I am still wondering who approved the headline, “Shaw in exile over Christie”. Could you possibly be any more dramatic?!

  5. The problem comes down to education and the general public can’t understand his behavior. He walks like a human, has a beating pulse like a human so she MUST have done something horrific to elicit this response from him…right?

    Wrong. He is like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz…”If I only had a heart”

  6. My NX consistently degraded and berated people, especially women, pretty much since very early on in our relationship. He frequently used the term “Bimbo” among other inappropriate terms-His view of others, especially women(past and present) should have been a red flag. Why I thought I was “different” then any other “Bimbo” I have no idea, especially after receiving my “gifts” and “showerings” of attention that were fleeting crumbs, a respite from the daily you are worthless, useless, piece of () messsages I got from my NX. I try not to align myself with anyone who devalues others in such a way, I do not think that I ever thought I would do something like that, but now I share custody with someone who does that very thing. Praise God for my ability to have compassion for others. Do I think everyone deserves it-NO, but I do not give it because they deserve it, I would like to think I give it because I can, I am capable and my capacity to love, care and have empathy and compassion has nothing to do with whether others have it or not-I think you will agree-it is a gift that has been given to us and not to them, at least not yet;) How Peter Cook views anyone has been evident, publically even. Suzanne Shaw is blind and is in denial of her own “shortcomings”, she can not see fully-yet! I will pray for her, and especially for her daughter.

  7. It is very telling that she has been gone for months and no one even knew (cared). They were (obviously) hoping that the media would care and when they didn’t- they needed to create drama.

  8. When the reports emerge about his latest infidelity, he will somehow turn it around to be Christie’s fault. It sounds like Suzanne has already bought that spin on the story.

  9. Yes. And when, if, she sees the light of day and stops allowing him to use her to disparage and publicly bash and harass Christie, then everything will be Suzanne’s fault;)! Suzanne was likely prone to hate before she met Pete, Christie is just the target du jour(?), Either Suzanne will get it or she won’t. You are right that at least Christie has the grace to handle the situation-bless her heart. It must be tough to have to go through such tremendous loss and have this happen. I did lift her up a bit ago, but will keep prays for her ongoing for a while. Thanks, Tina.

  10. I think that she (Suzanne) is the ultimate victim. I saw her quoted a few years back about how her ex-husband up and left her in the midst of her pregnancy- while that may be true, I think she likes to be the victim…and likes the media attention. You don’t see Christie blasting Suzanne’s facebook page or caring about how late she sleeps in.

  11. As i’m struggling with the new gf and her ‘supportive’ role that is suddenly around my children, I have spent the week thinking over the stereotypes that are forced on us ex-wives in divorce/custody battles. This post really makes me think more and more on it.

    Has anyone else ever thought that maybe, just maybe, these stereotypes which make believing us ex’es of N’s impossible, was created, cultivated and popularized as the N’s best weapon? Meaning, once upon a time an N decided to create the victim appeal and turn all the bad on his ex-wife (transference which is in their nature to do anyways), other’s saw how helpful it was to get what they wanted (N or not) and it caught like a wildfire.

    Where is there room in courts for the legitimate cases of a woman being a survivor of an N? There is none. You’re either a victim of spousal abuse or you’re a vengeful ex trying to exact penance to a man who scorned you. Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned? How about hell knows no fury like a Narcissistic manipulator scorned. And then all the friends, family members, courts and media in Ms. Brinkley’s case all just fall for it and make a wide opening for the ‘poor ex’ who is being made to pay for only cheating or only leaving or only wanting a divorce (note my sarcasm with each only in this sentence).

    Today i actually had an attorney ask me what i wanted to win when i already had everything and then ask me to describe his mental issues and thought nothing i said was out of the norm. . . the world’s view of this is so off. My heart breaks for Ms. Brinkly and i cannot imagine surviving her divorce, the abuse, the constant battle from her Ex N and then the loss of both her parents. And of course society has lost their compassion because of the monster her ex has painted her to be. I think the general public COULD understand it, but they refuse to. It’s why reality shows are number one, our society thrives on the drama. It gets top ratings and seeing a sociopath or a BPD N win on reality shows is making them seem less like monsters and more like really good game players. We are desensitized as a nation and we are losing our compassion. It makes me feel like the old times, you get stoned if you dare to leave your abusive N husband. Except today the stoning doesnt kill you physically it tries to kill you and your children emotionally and spiritually and you are shunned and labeled.

    Rambling now, sorry

  12. the “news” has to be dramatic, or else no one would care. I find it disgusting that ANYONE in the world would care about peter cook, or his wife…or the fact he cheated on her…or the fact shes in Bali and needing to blame christie.
    It makes my brain hurt that the media thinks its ok to push this crap on us. They are just as guilty as peter cook and his stupid wife for creating and spreading drama and rumors, they are just as bad for printing this junk when there are so many more REAL issues that could use our attention.

  13. I totally agree with you. My entire divorce was based on lies that the ex told and I don’t believe anyone heard one word I said, there has to be a way to stop this abuse towards women and their children.

  14. I am in the same boat as you. It is all lies. It’s like everyone believes him….the manipulation is unbelievable!!!

  15. I stumbled on your blog due to reddit and as I have read through all your post I have become dumbfounded. You have described my husband’s x WIFE to a T. I noticed most every post is in reference to narcissistic men but of course women can be afflicted too.

    Until I read this post I did not understand why his x-wife only got worse when he (we) ignored her, even when the judge told use to ignore her she was worse – psychopath worse, to the point she physically attacked. Now I have a better understanding and will be obtaining a restraining order, not that a simple sheet of paper will do much good but at least the police might be forced to respond.

    The saddest part is that the courts and the police are always in the woman’s favor no matter how crazy she may be.