One Mom’s Battle Has Many Faces: #16

One Mom’s Battle Has Many Faces: #16

Note from Tina: Each week I hear from more and more people who were once victims of a Narcissist, Sociopath or other Cluster B Personality Disorder.  One Mom’s Battle has many faces and its my honor to share them with you.  My healing comes from sharing my story and from hearing your stories.  There is power in numbers and our numbers are growing.  It is my hope that this little “village” will be one strong voice which provides education to our court system and most importantly, brings change to our Family Court System. 

Some of the stories break my heart such as this one- a mother who is only able to communicate with her children by Skype.

One Mom’s Battle Has Many Faces: Here is Face #16

Tina- I came across your blog.  My story is so long, there is no way for me to tell it in 900 words.  I left a Domestic Violence situation in 2007, with two small children involved, one was unborn.

Not only did my ex deny he was the father, AFTER being court ordered to pay child support six months prior to his serving me with DNA testing on this child, and completely avoiding the son that was born three weeks before this serving of documents, he remarried a wealthy woman who then proceeded in October of 2007, to hire high dollar attorneys for my ex to get him out of trouble for the Domestic Violence and begin a process in the court system of paying attorneys to do what is called “changing the language of orders” in order to deceive not only future courts, by in the end legally steal two little boys from me.

I am going to skip through a lot of information  to get to today however, I will say that in April 2010, my ex had a hearing in a county we did NOT live in, without my knowledge, and obtained a pickup order without my knowledge. In these papers, not only did he use the orders where the language is changed, but he advised the Judge in his petition he came to pick up the children for his court ordered visitation (we were to meet at the Orlando Florida police department due to the Domestic Violence for the exchanges), and I was not there. This was one of his biggest lies, that led to my false arrest for parental kidnapping of children I had custody of.

We left the state of Florida in June 2010, going back to family in Tennessee, due to be financially ruined from not only the legal chaos, but he managed to con me out of $60,000, he denies to this day, even though I have the evidence to prove he received substantial amounts of money from me.  I was then in November 2010, falsely arrested, extradited to Florida, spending three weeks in jail on this pick up order he received without my knowledge. I was never charged for what I was accused of and I was released.

The children, are STILL in this man’s possession. When I go to court and tell the truth, I am abused further, being told I have a mental disorder (without evidence), no one cares that he has lied, cheated, stolen and committed acts of FRAUD.  Judges have been shown the police report where my ex admits to battery yet the children are still left in his care.

I also dealing with lawyers who are liars, slanderous, and make up stories themselves in order for their client, my narcissistic ex and his wife, to get their way.  Police detectives who failed to investigate the supposed numbers on the police records he gave, the detective who lied on the witness stand stating he had my phone number which IS on court record, and when I looked at the police report my number was written 999-999-9999. I am not told of hearings, I was told I am Pro Se and do not have to be told about hearings. I was told by a Magistrate at a hearing that is was common to have a hearing without the other person being notified, its no big deal.  The hypocrisy of this whole system goes on and on.

I refuse to give up because of the injustice towards my family due to the fact I cannot afford counsel.  I see my children two times a week for 30 minutes on Skype but only because I agreed to be recorded by my ex’s wife.  (btw I failed to mention, she cannot have children and has been involved in a custody battle before, divorcing this father when she met my ex, the children being teenagers).  When they picked up the children falsely, no one knew she was not the mother of my now 5 year old. I have obtained medical records where she pretends to be me (one of many lies), my sons teacher testified she had no clue I existed, the Magistrate STILL leaving the children in their care.

As I stated, I cannot summarize this case in 900 words.  There are serious issues happening in the  courts against women and children, far beyond what I ever imagined, and never would have known unless I had experienced in with my own eyes.  They have failed to protect my small boys who are suffering everyday underneath the hands of some very psychopathic people.


Please submit your story (less than 900 words) to I welcome all stories from Narcissistic survivors.

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18 Responses

  1. This poor woman. It breaks my heart for her and her children. I’m putting them on the top of my list for God tonight.

  2. I’m right there with her. Florida has a way of hating on women who have been abused. The FL Courts seem to agree with our abusers that we deserved it. I lost my children to my abuser in FL. The child services witness lied, and when called out on it, he just says, Oh well, and they go on. Crap. All crap.

  3. Hugs to this woman and her babies. What a sad an exhausting process she’s been through and will continue to endure.

  4. Let Justice be found and let the light be shown. My heart goes out to this lady and so do my prayers.

  5. Many, many thoughts and prayers for justice and peace for this woman and her family.

  6. My girls were taken away from me by the courts and given to my abusive ex as well. I’m in TX, and it seems that the men who fight for their kids get them, regardless of the facts. The court did zero investigation. I am grateful I get to see my girls every other weekend, I can’t imagine being so far away and not seeing them at all. HUGS!

  7. Oh, wow, and I thought my situation was horrible. I am so sick of a legal system that caters to money. I,too couldn’t afford a lawyer and lost my eldest son because I was called too poor to take care of him regardless of the fact he was well taken care of. I used to think women who went into hiding with their kiddos were awful for doing so. I can certainly understand more clearly why someone would turn to that now. I don’t advocate it, but geeze when following the law and trying to abide by the legal system gets you this you can’t help but consider it.

  8. I am looking for other Florida moms who want to rally together. I am standing against these bullies and abusers. I need others to stand with me. We can do protests. If we band together there is power in numbers. The more of us there are, the better the odds they can’t shut us up.

  9. I’m in Seminole County Florida and am in the beginning stages of your nightmare. Let me know what I can do to help as well…please. I have court on November 6th and the prospects of it leaves me anxious and emotionally drained. For the N, it isn’t about our 3 year old, it is about winning at any and all costs despite the lack of truthfulness to his allegations 🙁

  10. Tina, if this poster contacts you, I give permission for you to give her my email. I just don’t want to post it publicly.

  11. My heart goes out to you. I live this everyday. The thing that hurts the most is the fact that I have clear and tangible proof. I have documents to show the truth. I show it to the judge.
    My x’s attorney submits 0 proof. He lies to the judge and tells the judge what he wants. Judge rules in his favor.
    Attorney wins on lies coming out of his mouth.
    I lose with the truth filed in the court record on paper.
    I think that they purposely slam pro se’s because they want us to get attorneys. If we represent ourselves we are taking a piece of their pie. I feel like they are saying to me,”I’ll teach you to walk into my court room unrepresented” But then again I have hired the best attorney in town and she didn’t do $%^* for my case.
    This is a testament to just how strong we are as mothers and women. A man could never take this.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  12. Shannon if you support while you go to court, I can come to your hearing. Tina if you want to forward my email to her and just delete this post to protect her, you can. I am one county south of her (orange) and the drive to Seminole county court would only be tops a 20 to 25 minute drive and I do not mind. I could sit and take notes for her on things so she has an extra set of eyes.

  13. You women are all SO amazing- thank you, thank you for what you bring to MY life. This string of comments brought tears to my eyes. Yay!

  14. Tina,
    You make it possible. Thank you for sharing these stories and opening the door for us to be there for each other.