Divorcing a Narcissist: Christie Brinkley’s Son Speaks the Truth

Divorcing a Narcissist: Christie Brinkley’s Son Speaks the Truth

by Tina Swithin

Today, at the age of 17 years old, a young man grew tired of watching his mother’s reputation take a beating and he courageously spoke the truth in today’s New York Post. Jack Brinkley-Cook is an inspiration to so many of us.  I am watching more and more children step forward and speak the truth about issues pertaining to the Family Court System and how it is failing all of us.  I believe that the Family Court System failed Christie Brinkley by continuing to allow a diagnosed and self-admitted Narcissist (Peter Cook) and his wife to wreak havoc on his very own family.

Why do I care so much about the Peter Cook and Suzanne Shaw saga, you may be asking yourself?  Why should you care about these people that you’ve never met? I will tell you why you should care: this is a Narcissistic attack on all of us.  I can gauge one thing by the comments being made in this media frenzy: the people who are weighing in are completely uneducated on Narcissism or what it is like to be at the mercy of an emotional vampire (also known as a Narcissist).  Because they can’t understand why Peter Cook and Suzanne Shaw continue to perpetuate drama, they automatically assume that Christie Brinkley is equally guilty of the drama.

Untrue.  I am becoming somewhat of an expert on Narcissists and I can calculate their moves in advance.  They want people to believe that they are charming and special but they aren’t.  At their core they are evil and they are all the same.  Yes, there are varying degrees of Narcissism just like there are varying degrees of cancer.  They all share the same common thread: they will seek to destroy anyone who rejects them and they will stop at nothing until they succeed.

Collectively, we should ALL take the attacks by Peter Cook and Suzanne Shaw personally.  We, as survivors of NPD, know first-hand what it feels like to be dragged through the coals by these people only to have bystanders say, “Why can’t you two just move on for the sake of the children?”  It is sad to see Christie Brinkley’s public image tarnished at the hands of this man and his inner circle.

Instead of turning our cheek, we should each look at this an opportunity to make comments about our own experiences with Narcissism and show support for what Christie is enduring.  It is a chance for all of us to defend a woman who is being re-victimized by Peter Cook and his new wife.  It is a huge opportunity for us to to educate the public and the media on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  With continued education and media attention on this topic, I have to believe that eventually, the Family Court System will take note.

My personal plea to you- follow the lead of a courageous young man by the name of Jack Brinkley-Cook and make your voices heard at each and every opportunity that presents itself.  Together we can educate the world on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the effect it has had on us, our children and our families.


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4 Responses

  1. Yes! I am so sick of people making the assumption I’m 50% at fault for my ex’s behavior.

    I couldn’t–and didn’t want to–control him during our marriage; why do people insist on telling me I’m repsonsible for not making him behave like a responsible adult now that we are divorced?

    It’s ridiculous.

    My own mother has bought into this.

  2. I think that Jack is at an age the he can speak for himself and articulate very maturely the truth of the matter. It must give him a tremendous sense that he has control over what goes on around him when he is able to speak for himself and able to see beyond the lies, deception, delusions and manipulations. He sounds grounded, prayerfully, in truth all truth and nothing but the truth. Way to go Jack:) Prayerfully he is a testimony of the importance to have a foundation firmly rooted in Truth and Love to overcome the ill effects of such circumstances and at least Christie was able to provide that for him. There is hope for our children, even if we(normal parents) are the only ones used to provide it to them.

  3. Nail on the head. That is one of the hardest aspects of dealing with N’s – the fact that everyone else simply assumes it takes TWO for a marriage to fail and to perpetuate the conflict. It doesn’t – it Takes two to make it work but only one to make it fail. And only one is needed to keep the battle endlessly raging.

    People tell you, just walk away, and don’t understand the problem: you can walk away, leave them everything, and they’ll still follow.

    Great post!

  4. Yesterday in court my wife’s narc-X was handed a decision reflecting the children’s desire to spend less time with him. His reaction? He blamed us for his failing relationship to his kids of course, calling us abusive, evil, harassing; all leading to his children wanting nothing to do with him. Never mind that he shafted their oldest brother as he went to college. Never mind that he causes scenes wherever he goes and creates chaos at every opportunity.

    I have no doubt Christie’s ex will blame her for his son’s defense of his mother. No one has their own mind in the NPD world, that is, unless it is a direct reflection of their own. He will say young Jack has been manipulated and/or coerced, that Christie is at fault for any conflict, because he has been perfect and blameless throughout.

    They do all read from the same script, and it’s sad how many people (judging from the Post article’s comments) continue to sucker for it.