CU8C0806I strongly believe that together, we can bring education and change to our Family Court System.  I ask for your help in making that happen.  I have written a letter that can be used as a template- please make changes as you see fit.  Please cut and paste and mail to your Representatives.

You can also adjust the letter and mail to your local media outlets.  Currently, FOX News is spotlighting the crisis in our Family Court System.  This crisis ranges from complete corruption to lack of education on high conflict divorces.  It takes a village to make changes to a flawed system and I ask for your help in making changes to our Family Court System.  The first step in making change is education.

Where to write:

Dear (Senator),

Re: The Family Courts of America,

The Family Court System has lost sight of their primary goal: to protect our children. The courts are too focused on being quick and fair with 50/50 custody splits instead of focusing on what is best for the children.  This isn’t about Mothers’ Rights or Fathers’ Rights- it is about the rights of our children to live in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

I dispute the notion that an individual should have  “rights” just because they donated sperm or gave birth.  Because someone has the ability to procreate shouldn’t automatically give them parental rights.  Every child in America has the RIGHT to be safe, loved and protected.  The child’s rights should supersede any parental rights.

Our appointed Judges and Commissioners are not taking the time to properly evaluate child custody cases.  They are too focused on moving the cases through the courtroom like cattle.  I feel that our Judges, Commissioners, Mediators, Family Court Workers and Attorneys need to receive ongoing education about high-conflict divorces, narcissistic personality disorder and other personality disorders.   The time to become educated starts now.  The system has failed Susan Powell and her young sons, Charlie and Braden in a tragic way.  I ask for changes before it fails countless others.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a court to protect a child.  Our hands are tied by your broken court system.  Please implement changes to your system beginning with ongoing education for every person who has a hand in deciding the fate of a child.  Our Judges and Commissioners need to be educated in Narcissism and other personality disorders so they can properly do their jobs.

I greatly appreciate your time and attention to this serious matter.  It is my goal to ensure that children’s rights are placed as a top priority in courtrooms across America.

Sincerely, XXXXX

Please include the following information at the bottom of your letter:  Name, address and phone number along with signature. ###

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