Waiting on the Custody Evaluation

Waiting on the Custody Evaluation

waitingI’ve been making the daily trek to the post office for weeks as I await the details of the custody evaluation. At our last hearing in October, we were each instructed to submit a list of items that we want the evaluator to address. The items were due to the court by November 1st. Mine obviously had to do with everything that I blog about weekly– Seth and the havoc that he wreaks on our daughters. His had to do with my blog and very few items that related to the children’s well being. In Seth’s request to the court, he showed his true colors and where his concerns really are.

The Commissioner was going to review our paperwork and make an order for the evaluation– outlining which of our concerns that he wanted the evaluator to focus on. Our paperwork was due on November 1st so I expected the orders back from the Commissioner shortly thereafter.  It still hasn’t come through which leaves me wondering what is going on– and why things are so delayed.  Our hearing to review the findings is set for February 5, 2013. At this point, and with the holidays on the horizon, I do not see how the evaluation will be done in time.  I also wonder if the Commissioner is purposefully delaying things and will address the reasons why at the February 5th court date.

I’ve come to accept that no news is good news and that we will have a peaceful holiday season.

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2 Responses

  1. That would be lovely…for us all to have a peaceful Holiday season! I’m certainly wishing that for all of us and our children. Happy Holidays everyone!

  2. Don’t get too nervous waiting for it. Everything associated with my case is VERY slow! My ex was arrested almost a year and a half ago for violating the protection order and his case has still not made it to trial. I don’t think the court system is in any hurry for anything! And you are right, no news is good news. When it becomes way too quiet without any paperwork or motions on his part I also get nervous wondering what he is planning on next, then I remind myself that no news is good news and try to relax and enjoy being drama free.

    I hope you and your girls have a wonderful Christmas.