Media Spotlight on Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Lance Armstrong

Media Spotlight on Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Lance Armstrong

Is Lance Armstrong a Narcissist?

In Psychology Today’s recent article titled, “Lance Armstrong: The Hero as Narcissist- Losing the race against shamedelves into this allegation and substantiates the claim quite well. In the article, Dr. Joseph Burgo, Ph.D states:

“Armstrong appears to have spent a lifetime perfecting an ideal self-image to cover over a sense of inner defect. He has assiduously cultivated his image as a courageous survivor of cancer, a tireless and heroic competitor, a crusader on behalf of other cancer victims. While these descriptions all contain an element of truth, it turns out that Armstrong’s persona is fundamentally a lie. Like all narcissists, he has expended vast resources to preserve that lie. He has threatened friends and teammates, committed perjury under oath and paid bribes to medical doctors, all in order to bolster his ideal false self.”

One of the first allegations that I personally witnessed tagging Lance Armstrong as a Narcissist was from my blogging friend and Washington Times contributor, Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo’s blog, Domestic violence abusers and Lance Armstrong. It seems as though mainstream media is now hopping on the Narcissism bandwagon as I’ve seen the allegations on Fox News ( Edge on the Clock: Lance Armstrong a Narcissist? ) and even Bicycling Magazine’s recent article which states, “There was no doubt in Lying Lance’s mind that he was the best cyclist the world had ever seen, and, like any person tending toward narcissistic personality disorder, he could tolerate no one who would dare question his innate perfection.” 

Lance Armstrong’s Failure to Come Clean is ‘Classic Hallmark of Narcissistic Personality,’ Says Psychologist Dr. Sam Von Reiche in a recent article on Celebuzz

Why do I care whether or not Lance Armstrong is a Narcissist?  Why should you care?  We should all be applauding this recent press because once again, Narcissistic Personality Disorder is gaining media attention.  It gives the disorder a famous face and regardless of who is this month’s Narcissist Poster Child, it provided education to the general public.  Peter Cook last month and Lance Armstrong this month.


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