Robert F Kennedy Jr and Mary Kennedy’s Suicide

Robert F Kennedy Jr and Mary Kennedy’s Suicide

It made me so upset to read the latest reports that Mary Kennedy had to beg for money in the weeks prior to her death while her husband was jet setting across the country with his new girlfriend playing the role of ‘happy step-mother’ to their children.   While this was going on, his legal team of bullies was busy making Mary’s life a (humiliating) living hell with a scorched-earth litigation approach. In my opinion, it’s another case of extreme Narcissism.

I know how intimidating it is to walk into a courtroom.  I know how hard it was to be in the spotlight when people were still believing my X’s lies.  What I can’t imagine is the shear hell that Mary Kennedy experienced while going against the Kennedy Compound complete with an arsenal of attorneys and PR teams at every turn.

To comprehend what Mary Kennedy was put through over the past year is something that only we (survivors) can begin to understand.  We can’t however, begin to understand the intense media scrutiny that she was subjected to.  As expected,  the media will continue to focus on the claims of alcoholism and the antidepressants that she was taking instead of the real problem: she was the victim of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Another sad fact: I have spoken with so many women (a few who are close friends) who are terrified to get help for the depression they are experiencing in their own divorces.  They are afraid of their X husbands using their depression as a weapon against them in court.  The media will now heighten that fear by painting a picture of a woman who battled depression and committed suicide because she was so beat down in every avenue of her life.

The answer to this problem: continuing education in the court system, the media and in the general public.

Note: My blogger, friend, Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo had great advice on the topic of depression to I thought I would edit the blog to share it with you: I know this may be a difficult alternative for some suffering from depression but abstaining from alcohol and doing yoga and meditation really does help. I was able to go off my antidepressants recently. It’s a lot of work to reclaim ourselves from these men who emotionally raped us. Plus, there are online therapy options that can be hidden from lawyers prying eyes, perhaps.

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  1. I agree with you 1000%. I wrote 3 pieces about the Mary Kennedy nightmare on my own blog. It infuriated me when people talked about her “mental illness.” How many people are really strong enough to withstand being bankrupted, being slaughtered in court by a famous, narcissistic ex with unlmited funds, losing your kids, your best friend (RFK’s sister Kerry) and surrogate family (she had known the Kennedys since she was a teen) losing your house and your social circle, watching your ex parade around his celebrity girlfriend, all of this IN FRONT OF THE PUBLIC EYE? I don’t think she was crazy because she killed herself. I think she was just beaten down from so much trauma.

  2. Yes, I’ve been writing over on my blog about my sociopath, judges, and his attorney that I’m involved with right now in San Diego County Family courts. A Sociopath makes a mess out of the court system and the the other innocent party is harassed relentlessly.

    I’m determined to go at it on my own without representation, (he depleted me of all my resources), figuring that I have honesty and the documents to prove my case on my side….but HELL, a sociopath will turn around EVERYTHING including documents in my favor. The attorneys that represents this chaos should be disbarred, the judges who don’t see it should be de-benched….

    There needs to be something done about his in Family Courts across our nation! I am so upset now about the Mary Kennedy case that I am now motivated to keep writing about these sickos in our family courts. Thanks for jump starting me again.

    Lynna, My Sociopath – Struck by a Sociopath and I’m over on Facebook tryint to expose this horrible destruction….

  3. In my own paranoid conspiracy theorist kind of way(trained by gaslighting and crazy making of ex NPD sociopathic husband) RFK jr murdered her. If he did not do it physically directly or indirectly, he did it spiritually. Only a sociopath can smear a mother’s name so publically, beat the image of her down so severely and stomp on her grave the way he has-it’s disturbing! If the media, family and the attorneys, (money, ratings, whatever the reason) condone it with their continued support of him, his behavior and his “new life” and girlfriend, then may the Lord have mercy on all of their souls.

  4. M, I am with you,I think he may have had someone “help”, indirectly. Not spiritually, he had a hand. Her family and friends claim she would never have done this. Add to it that they were barred from her funeral, I think she was murdered. So sad, they do not deserve mercy M, they DO.NOT. DESERVE. MERCY. May they all rot in hell. I would be so sad if my family was barred from my funeral just because I am technically married to someone. So wrong!

  5. My STBX is dragging out our divorce as well. I wrote a will giving power of attorney in the event of my death or hospitalization to my parents and brother. My motivation was Mary Kennedy and Terry Schiavo. I’m happy to report that my STBX will get NOTHING and make NO decisions in the event of my death/hospitalization. I made my parents, then brother, care-takers of my kids so he would probably fight that, but at least there is a document in place stating my wishes.

  6. No one should have to be afraid to seek help for depression. Most of us are a wreck when our ex is done. A few suggestions I have picked up along the way:
    MANY therapists will see you even if you don’t use your real name. Explain to them WHY you are afraid to seek help and pay for every session in cash. Dont tell a soul what you are doing. Many also offer a sliding scale for those with no insurance.
    There are also places online where you can find help. This is what I chose to do when I first got started BUT you must pay with a debit or credit card- so it could be discovered by the opposition.
    Regardless, don’t forget that we have to heal in order to be there for our children. After all, this is all for them!

  7. Im with you Lynna! It is amazing how crafty the sociopath is! They have to be the greatest manipulators on the face of the earth. Mine was arrested and charged with aggravated assualt against a witness in my custody case… his defense? The sociopath supeaned ME and claimed that I conspired with the witness to falsely charge him! There is no way he could have proved this because its a complete lie. They wound up putting the case on hold for 12 mo and giving the victim a restraining order to keep my ex away.

  8. Hearbroken,

    I just read the “Failure of Law Enforcement” article on your blog.

    I am appalled on your behalf.

    Its ridiculous for an officer of the court to announce “Its not illegal to threaten someone”.

    My ex announced to me a threat to “rip my throat out with his teeth” was not a death threat–just a threat of violence.

    Last time I checked, not many people breath sans throats.

    Seems like the local law enforcement in your area is using the same logic as the sociopath.

  9. Good plan. I have a lot of loose ends to take care of so my children get everything. They are young so I need a trust for them. So much money to the lawyer for other matters prevents me from doing it but it would be money well spent. I think you have given me thepush I need A, thanks 🙂

  10. I haven’t been following this. But i will read up on it. It does sound heart wrenching. I understand women being afraid to confront their depression as it can be used against them in court. As is the case with me. But my alternative was drinking. Which is an even worse choice. Thankfully, I bit the bullit and started dealing with it. Although I have been given no credit. This is also classic behavior behavior in women who have been involved in an abusive relationship. Which is why a domestic violence therapist is so imperative. The abuse, depression and self destructive behavior can be dealt with and having a dv therapist in your corner is the best stratagy. Not simply because of court but someone has to be able to understand and help you pick the pieces of you up off the floor and put your shattered soul back together. We can not help our children if we continue to be abused. The court room is cold and if the abuses throws his lies and accusations out there loud enough and long enough the court will hear him

  11. I completely agree with you. He stated in his divorce docs that she threatened suicide and physically abused him. She completely denied his allegations and her family stated she was a victim of his psychological abuse. I believe this is a premediated murder. Her hands were trying to free herself from the noose. Apparently this is rarely seen in suicides…