Child Custody in California Family Courts: Kelly Rutherford’s Custody Ruling

Child Custody in California Family Courts: Kelly Rutherford’s Custody Ruling

There are a handful of things that will make my blood boil.  This case is one of them.

I have heard pieces about Kelly Rutherford’s recent child custody ruling but didn’t want to form an opinion until I had more details. Someone on my blog sent me a link to today’s episode of The View which details the recent events in a California Family Custody case.

Last week, Kelly’s young children were taken from her because her ex-husband was kicked out of the United States due to illegal activities -suspected of fraud, drugs and weapon sales.  You read that right.  She (and her children) have had their lives ripped apart because he is on exile from the United States. There is something so wrong with a system that would take two small children away from their mother and ship them off to a foreign country.  While I have ongoing frustrations with courts that are overburdened or uneducated on Narcissism (and other personality disorders), this screams corruption.

This was a man suspected of dealing drugs and weapons— a man whom was deemed so unsafe by the United States government that he can’t return to the US yet he is safe to raise these very young children?  I sat with tears streaming as I watched Kelly’s face while talking about her children and this case. These children were uprooted from their home and shipped off by Judge Theresa Beaudet of California Superior Court in Los Angeles County.  I felt Kelly’s pain and wanted to give her a hug right through the television screen.

Minor’s counsel was appointed to represent the children’s best interest and subsequently determined that it was in the children’s best interest to remain with their mother, Kelly Rutherford.  Despite what the court ordered attorney recommended for the children, Judge Beaudet disagreed and ordered the move: “The best interests of the children will be served because the relocation plan for France is the only plan that offers the possibility of nearly equal parenting time while Giersch can not return to the U.S.”  I ask: What is the point of appointing someone to look into the best interest of the children if you don’t plan to listen to what they recommend?

The worst part: The restrictions that the judge imposes are completely unenforceable in French Courts. 

Click here to watch Kelly Rutherford on the view: The View- Kelly Rutherford

To read more on this case, see ABC News, Two American Kids Shipped to France in one of the worst custody decisions. Ever.

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4 Responses

  1. I hope this judge has security detail assigned. Not that I am threatening, or even condone it, but even people who don’t know the flaws within the California family court system or who don’t have the personal knowledge of Sociopaths and Narcissists will be outraged. I have seen plenty of news stories of so-called “vigilantes” and this is one of those instances where she(the judge) will need to take a vacation to save her life. How could anyone in their right mind think that a drug and weapons dealer is “in the best interest” of anything, much less raising children??? Oh wait, the next generation of Psychopath needs to be established to fund the system, so that it can continue to thrive in its present sorry, pathetic state, forgive me for even going there!!! What is going to happen if the father gets arrested and thrown in jail in France for drug and weapons dealing? Then what is the judge going to order? I am not going to resort to name-calling, but if I did, forgive me Lord for what I am thinking!!! My heart cries out for Kelly and her babies. I pray peace and pray she can keep the faith and that true justice will be done for her and those innocent children.

  2. Reading the comments under the article makes me ill. Seems like a lot of men reading it think it is a moms vs dads situation. Why is it so hard for people to see what is best for a child? If the roles were reversed and the mom was the person exiled in France my support would be with the father.

  3. Courts definitely favor fathers who commit crimes… citing that they do not “affect” their parenting. They then over criminalize anything the mother is even accused of, with or without evidence. This happened to me, and I am fighting it. Prayers are with this family.