I Want to Feature Your Story

I Want to Feature Your Story

In this journey, I have found great healing in meeting and speaking to other women experiencing similar battles.  I have met multiple women in my own area code, I have spoken by phone to a brave lady all the way in Ireland and I have the pleasure of connecting with and meeting the beautiful Christie Brinkley.  The camaraderie that I have discovered is indescribable.  These are all fellow women who are either currently in the trenches or who are up ahead throwing out a lifeline.

This is a battle that few can understand and I can not begin to express the importance of connecting with others.

I would like to start featuring the “many faces” of One Mom’s Battle on my blog every Friday.  Have you just began a high-conflict divorce?  Are you still married to someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder because you are afraid to leave the marriage?  Are you in the middle of a hellish divorce or are you in the homestretch?  I would like to feature your story.  If you choose to remain anonymous, that is perfectly acceptable!

Details for Submission:

  • Email tina@thePRdiva.com
  • Subject Line: One Mom’s Battle Has Many Faces
  • Blog Details: Please limit content to 600 words (max).
  • Tell your story: Where are you in your battle, describe your court experience or anything else that is relevant.
  • Do you have a blog, website, etc?  Please include it and I am happy to mention it if your blog is featured.
  • If you have a photo that you’d like me to use, please send it.

There is power in numbers and I hope to feature your story.

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8 Responses

  1. everyone… i did not know where else to post this. i need help or insight and quick .
    brief backround . been going thru a divorce for 3 years finalized last year when our youngest was 2 he left him home alone twice , i called dcs but he lied his way out of it and they told me i was making a fuss for nothing and was just being bitter. last week my seven year old told me that his daddy left him and his 4 year old sibling in the car outside a bar for over an hour. i called dcs and they have done nothing . i am so sacred for my children so scared. i had to send them off with him on thursday . found out he was gigging on thurs , sat . asked him who was sitting the kids . he made up a fictitious name and number . he has a restraining order on me so i cannot go to his house and check on them. i do not understand what i need to do. they have told counselors they ae scared of him . he made a scene at the school. i called the police when he planned to have 7 different people have them on his parenting time. and it got turned around on me that i was dramatic for calling the cops , because he is free by the law to do whatever with him during his time. i am so scared so hopeless and i am failing my kids . can anyone help me before they get hurt?

  2. Can you have someone follow him? Obviously you can’t because of the restraining order, but can someone else? They can call the police when something like this is happening? Also, encourage your children to tell their teachers that this is happening. They are mandated reporters. If your son tells his teacher that his father is leaving him unsupervised during his visitation, the teacher is obligated to report that to cps/dcs. Another option is to file an emergency petition in family court and ask a judge to order an investigation and assign a law guardian for your children. The law guardian will speak to your children and defend them in court.

  3. Rasp-

    Document everything in a very clear and unemotional (I know its hard) fashion. Stick to the facts. Do your children carry a cell phone? I have a court order that states the cell phone must be in their possession and charged at all times. I would (personally) set an OSC on calendar and state your concerns about what has been happening and ask for a cell phone clause to be added to your orders. From there, I would get them a GPS cell phone (I use Kajeet) so you can track their whereabouts. I paid $79 for the phone and $27 per month– unlimited GPS tracking. I have my daughter’s phone set to email me their whereabouts every hour on the hour– whenever they are with him. If you see that they are in a strange location, I would do a “drive by”. I would also instruct them to call 911 if they are ever left alone.

    I have started to remind the Commissioner of the past offenses at every court date. For example, I bullet pointed a handful of issues in my last OSC: Over the past three years, the following issues have been documented by the court:

    1. X has sat in the courtroom and told strings of lies under oath for three years.
    2. In 2009, X left our minor children alone in a house at the ages of 2 and 4. When discovered by our renter, Daughter 1 was changing her little sister’s diaper because she had defecated. It is estimated that the children had also been roaming outside alone for about an hour in search of X.
    3. In 2009, X squeezed my daughter (age 4 at the time) until she vomited for almost two hours.
    4. In 2009, X left angry, harassing voice mails (three total) which resulted in (children and I) relocating to a women’s shelter.
    5. In 2009, X violated a court order giving me exclusive use of the family home less than 24-hours after it was signed by the Commissioner.
    6. X has lied repeatedly about the whereabouts of the children for three years.
    7. In 2010, X left youngest daughter (age 3) sleeping in a vehicle alone for 45 minutes immediately after she was released from the hospital due to complex seizures and with doctor’s orders never to be left alone. Two doctors reported this to Child Protective Services.
    8. In 2010, X squeezed (daughter’s) wrists so hard that she drew pictures about the incident in preschool and wrote the words, “I’m sad and want to call my mom”.
    9. In 2012, X hit my daughter across the arms for getting dirty feet on his car seat after a hike.
    10. 2011-2012, X continually tells the minor children that their mother’s name is “T-Rex”.
    11. 2011-2012, X kept an enlarged wedding photo on the fireplace mantel with Respondent’s photo taped over with electrical tape despite how upset in made the children.
    12. 2012, X threatened to take the children’s cell phone and throw it out of a moving car in an effort to intimidate them.
    13. 2009-2012, X has repeatedly cancelled visitations with zero advance notice.
    14. Over the years, X has had major issues with alcohol including two drunk-in-public offenses (2001 & 2010), one drunk driving (1997) and a wet & reckless offense (2011). Due to his issues with alcohol, X commonly naps while the children are in his care.
    15. 2012, Since X’s visits were reinstated; (youngest daughter) has regressed in potty training which is an obvious sign of stress in children. She is five years old and has been potty trained for over 3 years. This is highly disturbing and completely abnormal.

    I plan to “refresh” the court’s memory at every future hearing as I have discovered they forget easily.

    Hang in there- it is so difficult 🙁

  4. Anytime I’ve ever left my kids home alone (ages 12 and 15) and my X finds out he calls the sherrifs dept to come check on them. Its obnoxious that he does it to my kids, but if you feel like your younger kids aren’t with an adult, the cops can go over to his house and check on them. They’ll also call you and tell you that things are fine (or if they’re not).

  5. he has told lots of people and i told dcs and they did nothing the first two times , in fact they laughed and said i was wasting their time according to the x and i called them this time and their statement was …. ” we cannot take his kids from him for that reason”