Divorcing a Narcissist- Bizarro World Continues….

Divorcing a Narcissist- Bizarro World Continues….

Bizarro WorldWe are still in the midst of the parenting evaluation but my portion is done for the time being.  I am now anxiously awaiting the next steps.  I believe that the next steps will involve sitting down and hearing the evaluator’s recommendation to the court.  In most situations, the meeting involves both parties and the evaluator together which is what we did during the first evaluation in 2010.  I have requested that we meet separately and I hope that my request will be honored.

Next Court Date: Our next court date is scheduled for a two-day hearing on April 10th and 11th. I am still unsure why it is set for a two-day hearing—maybe the Commissioner heard my complaint about being rushed through the court like cattle?  Maybe he wants to get to the bottom of all of the issues once and for all.

We barely hear from Seth anymore.  Our court order allows him to call every other night however, we haven’t heard from him at all this week.  During February, we went a full ten days without hearing from him – I found it especially odd that he didn’t even bother to call the girls on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve since discovered that he and Gazelle #3, actually broke up during their Valentine’s Day date on February 14th.  I wasn’t shocked when I heard the news however, it caused me to re-enter bizarro world because….

During Seth’s next visit on February 23rd, he sat the girls down at a coffee shop and told them he was engaged to be married.  He then proceeded to show them photo after photo of their soon-to-be step-mother…who they’ve never met….the same Gazelle who had broken up with him just nine days prior.  I am wondering if things now default back to Gazelle #2….


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  1. Tina
    I emailed you earlier this week, parenting time evaluation was not going to well, I want you to know I am almost done with your book, it helped me get through this week. he submitted more affidavits to the court this week, full of lies and half truths, and he also submitted 70 photos of him and the children in 8×10 format, like regular size pictures aren’t good enough they need to be big! I am just not sure if I can fight him for the rest of my life, I just want him to go away so I can have peace and a normal life, it isn’t ever going to happen is it?

  2. I am living in a total bizarro world with my ex husband. We have one child, a 7 year old son who lives with me 100% and my law spends 10 hours a month with his father. I found that my husband was having an affair from a work colleague who read it on Twitter. 2 months after our divorce was final, he remarried. I found out about his wedding number 2 through a friend who believed I was told. Family and friends were told that I did not allow my son to attend his father’s wedding. Wife number 2 is now employed at my workplace that I’ve been at for the past 16 years. My son has no idea who she is or why she is always with his father. My ex husband has never told his son that she is his stepmother and that he is married to her. They have increased “tweets” on Twitter about how great their life is……wife number 2 even mentions “Mummy is thirsty” – Twitter is for my benefit, to get at me. I’ve stopped reading their rubbish. I remain in control.

  3. bizarro world is a good way to describe it. my ex has done terrible things, yet continually gets away with it. For example, he vaccinated our children with dog vaccines. our son told a teacher who reported it to cps, and when I found out, I took the children to the pediatrician, who also reported it. cps does nothing. He thinks it is fine to do whatever he wants. He has put our then 8yo daughter in a pen with a bull ‘to overcome her fear’. She was trampled and received stitches, fortunately that was all. He told our high school age son that his choice to participate in a school play and soccer was ‘selfish’ because it happened on HIS weekends and he had to drive our son to practices and performances.
    Nothing ever happens as a consequence. The judge says he is not allowed to endanger them, inject them, give them medicine, or ‘guilt trip’ or manipulate them. Ex scoffs at the order and there are no repercussions. When I filed a modification petition for supervised visitation when the vaccination incident was being investigated, the judge initially granted it, then when I had driven the hour and a half back home, the judge called me on my cell phone to tell me to ‘scratch off the part about supervised visitation’ and rescinded everything he had just ordered.
    I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole and I left 5 years ago. I thought I was leaving so I could protect my children and all I am doing is sending them to court ordered abuse sessions.

  4. Bizarro, yes. My sister divorced a narcissist over two years ago, and he continues to be confrontive and blaming. Yesterday, her seven-year-old son asked for a treat, and in an effort to promote interaction between him and his father (who yells Parent Alienation Syndrom often, even though he chose to move four hours away to be with his girlfriend), she said he could have it if he called his dad. My nephew called, but then had a meltdown, screaming “I don’t like you; I didn’t want to talk to you.” He was on speakerphone, and his dad said to his mom “why can’t you control him?” The conversation ended.

    A little while later, there was a knock at the door, and it was a police officer — the dad had called the police to do a “welfare check.” At this point, the dad just continues to make himself look like a fool, but I still can’t get it out of my head. How dare he? He knew there was no “welfare” issue; he just wanted to seem powerful and make life just a little harder for my sister. In the meantime, he scared my nephew, who thought the police officer was coming to take him or his mom away. Yes, bizzaro.

  5. I am so happy to have found your blog! My divorce has been final for almost 6 years now, but the fun never ends. I am kind of stunned that there is a pattern of sudden remarriage to people often unknown to the kids. That happened in my case as well. Well, she wasn’t unknown, he had dated her previously but was with someone else when he suddenly married the ex. Anyway, I hope this group can be an avenue for healing and change.