Mr. OMB – A Message of Hope

Mr. OMB – A Message of Hope


by Mr. OMB (Tina’s Husband)


As a warrior of OMB, I have faced each challenge with Faith and Love as a breastplate, and Hope as a
helmet. Today, I would like to offer you my helmet.

Hope is something I can offer without hesitation. I don’t worry that I have enough knowledge, experience, or understanding of your individual circumstances to write about it, to offer it, to give it.

My experience with hope tells me that hope is a magnifier and a reducer. It strengthens your work. It takes your efforts, your steps, your expended energy, and gives them a boost. It helps bring you closer to your goal. Hope, in the face of despair or defeat, gives you something to hold onto. It reduces the devastation of the setbacks.

It protects your head. It gets you through.

There may be a time when it is all you have left. Loosing hope? Look around you. It’ll turn up. Still can’t
find it? Hang on! You never know who, or what, will bring it to you.

No doubt, this is a tough time of the year emotionally, financially, spiritually. It can also bring the most
hope. Remember the reason for the season…? Hope is in there somewhere, trust me. While it sounds
like religion, I think hope is universally foundational regardless of belief. Faith, Love, Pixie Dust, and Hope.

For me, hope is intertwined with my beliefs. So, my prayer of hope is for you and your children.

Please understand that my prayer includes peace and enlightenment for all involved in the turmoil that
fills these pages.

Hope for everyone? Why not. We all have the ability to give hope to someone else. I am told that my
story, and Elationship with Tina (Typing along, I looked up to see “Elationship” instead of “relationship”.
Typo or God nudge? I have no idea how it got a capital E) please excuse me while I freak out…

Ok, I’m back. Where was I? Oh yeah, I have been told that our Elationship gives others hope. I am sure
that we are not unique in this ability. Tina’s story gives hope because she has been there, done that, and
survived. You have survived something that someone else is facing. You have survived years of abuse, a
sudden attack, abandonment, mental manipulation, an abusive assault, an hour, a day, a week, a year, or more
away from your children. You have endured pain and loss. You have gotten free, fought to protect those
you love. You have had moments of clarity. You have found yourself, peace, balance, and love. In doing
so, you give others hope regardless of where either of you are in your journeys.

Every battle, challenge, month, day, year, second you survive, you show others that it can be done. You
give them the helmet of hope.


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