Divorcing a Narcissist: GOOD-BYE MR. NARCISSIST

Divorcing a Narcissist: GOOD-BYE MR. NARCISSIST
by Barbara- Warrior Mom at OMBI am the Windex
To my Narcissist’s mirror
Not to make it shiny
But to make the truth clearer

For NNN is delusional
Reality he does fear
I once was his victim
Now, my life I must steer

I asked you Mr. Narcissist
What you wanted from me
As I refused to crawl lower
On this bended knee

And you NNN did nothing
But yell, punch, and rant
I’m telling you now Mr. Narcissist
I refuse, I just CAN’T!!!

I’m saving my children
Feeding them empathy and air
So go act all entitled
And stare in your mirror

We’ve moved to the future
The one you so fear
We’ve taken our feelings
The ones we’ve made clear

So Good-Bye Mr. Narcissist
Take comfort in your stare
I’ll spit on your mirror
And even leave you a chair

You took what you wanted
But I’ve got your best
PLEASE stare in your mirror
DO puff out your chest

Your rage is not welcomed
Projections – No More!!!
You’ve run out of batteries
Because we were your store

Our future looks brighter
With your triangulations all gone
Denial is YOUR highway
While we rejoice on green lawn

Go ahead and feel envy, covet, and spite
For these children by my side
All know what is right
While we ride off into the sunset
And out goes your tide
A false-self is your keeper
A reality you can no longer hide

I’m going NO CONTACT
So we’ll communicate no more
For you Mr. Narcissist
Are just one giant chore

All we asked for was loving
Which just strengthened your shame
We were all heart
While you were just GAME

Yes!!!  Yes!!!  Mr. Narcissist…
It is Good-bye!!!
For YOU are disordered!!!
And that is NO lie!!!

Barbara’s Bio: At one time or another, I have found myself in and out of every imaginable muddy trench a narcissist can create.  Now in my 5th decade of life, I have escaped the dark cloud of narcissism that has loomed overhead.  With the help, guidance, support, and friendship of some amazing and skillful individuals, I see sunshine.  A parent and two husbands, totaling nearly 33 years of wedded “unbliss”, will no longer darken my days.  A former special education teacher, I have survived the torturous rigors of a full psychological/custody evaluation, gaining FULL custody of my children, whom I have parented alone for over a decade.  I have never “battled” over my children, but I will always “battle” for them.  I have chosen to trade in my once worn suit of protective armor for sunscreen, walking every day forward, vulnerable, in the California Sunshine.


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