Divorcing a Narcissist: My Two Day Trial

Divorcing a Narcissist: My Two Day Trial

courtI was originally scheduled to spend the week of my honeymoon in trial….a full two day trial.  Thank God that my new husband has the patience of a Saint when it comes to my “other life.”  We were married on Saturday, April 6th and were able to spend two nights away from the world.  I had a pretty good inkling last week that the trial would be continued which originally, I was thankful for.  Until I found out how long it would be delayed.

The reason for the original delay has to do with our custody evaluation.  It isn’t finished as of yet and nothing could be addressed without the report.  I understand: there is a lot to investigate.  That isn’t the problem.  The courts were going to be able to get us on the calender in May however, due to attorney scheduling conflicts, the available dates didn’t work.  It gets worse.  The June calendar is completely “dark” meaning that they don’t hear ANY cases for the entire month.  The soonest we can be heard (without an ex parte) is JULY 10th.

Because there are multiple issues that need addressed prior to July, my attorney (still like the sound of that!) and I will be talking this week to discuss the next steps.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Count your blessings…my county is booked for a year! Another year waiting to be divorced unless someone signs the divorce papers 🙁

    Congratulations on your NEW life!!

  2. I am divorcing a narcissist myself. My narcissist has impoverished me and my three children by buying his mistress trips, dinners and he bought himself a million dollar condo purchased with all debt and a 750 BMW soon after I filed for divorce. I have to sell my home and car to be able to live on the little alimony and child support I will receive. He was an abusive and negligent father and he has no overnights now through the parent coordinator. His children fear him and they do not talk or speak to him since they found out about his mistress and told them the reason he had a mistress was because their mother did not offer him kinky sex. They are all under age 12. They refuse to go to dinner with him and I am wondering if he is granted weekend custody eventually and they refuse to go can they be forced? Right now they lock themselves in the bathroom when he attempts to call them which is about twice a week. Anything you can provide would be helpful.

  3. Shannon, that’s horrible! Tina, always wishing you luck! So glad that you have help now in court!

  4. Ok I guess I won’t complain that I was served last week and my hearing is 4/23!!!

    I guess it is good and bad, I am scrambling to prepare for an out of state visitation request for my 3 year old 🙁 but at least the ball will be rolling.

    Congrats Tina and positive vibes for your attorney meeting this week!

  5. Hi Tina
    I have just finished reading your book and my mouth hung open with almost every account of your life with your ex. I could have taken a red pen and ticked the boxes as these are almost exactly what I have gone and am still going through.
    We aren’t even divorced yet (he’s contesting the summons) but has already slapped me with an urgent application for soul custody of our 18 month old son. I wouldn’t wish what I am living with on a daily basis with my worst enemy.
    I think you are an amazing woman and a fantastic mom, an inspiration to all of us trying to get out from under NPD. Stay strong xxx

  6. LUCK!!!! Lots and lots. I just filed my first petition to modify custody. Not too hopeful it will stick, but never losing hope for my children. Tina, thank you so much for sharing your story and your knowledge and your hope. You have truly inspired me and I just lent your book to a friend and have no doubt it will inspire her too.

  7. Tina,

    Congratulations on your wedding! I finally had an opportunity to finish reading your book. I took a highlighter to every “just like me” incident in your book. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I feel more empowered than ever and I carry your book with me and share it with anyone willing to listen.

    In February, my ex husband filed a fraudulent claim against me at work and said that I sold him an insurance policy that he didn’t consent to purchasing. This was such a lie. He lied so badly, that I was terminated from my position immediately. I tried to explain and I believe the company would not have fired me, but they went back to him and he was adamant that I should be fired or else he would sue the company. Upon returning from spring break vacation with my son, I received a notice that my employment had been terminated and that my health insurance was cancelled effective midnight March 29. I will find a new job. However, my son has a disability and other medical issues. No father who loves their child would have made such a claim and put such a financial burden on his caregiver. This is “Narcissism” at its highest level. Not only do our courts need to understand this behavior, it needs to be understood by large companies/HR departments.

    I will get through this and do whatever it takes to insure that my son has what he needs. I am the “Warrior Mom”!! Your book just “Lit me up” and gave me the strength to keep moving forward!!!