One Mom’s Battle Wants You- and The Future of One Mom’s Battle

One Mom’s Battle Wants You- and The Future of One Mom’s Battle

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately on the direction of my blog. I’ve had one full year to purge my journey into this blog and the healing has been tremendous. I took the healing even further by writing my book. Through this experience I was able to truly own my portion of the relationship and I have also gained tremendous insight. Now what?

Through my blog, I’ve developed a solid platform to help others and to educate. I see people connecting and supporting one another on this forum and for that I am grateful. Over the past 20 weeks, I have watched the success of my weekly feature, “The Many Faces of One Mom’s Battle” and I’ve come to realize how important it is to hear other stories- good and bad. Sharing these stories allows others to feel less alone. We need to keep talking, keep sharing and continue to allow our voices to be heard.  One person in battle is a warrior and many people in battle together is an army. It will take an army of us to bring change.

One Mom’s Battle is seeking four new faces to follow: I have said so many times that I am just one face in this battle. I am looking for four individuals who have been affected by Narcissistic Personality Disorder and are willing to write a weekly blog for One Mom’s Battle. Over the next few weeks, I will be working to change the format of my blog and while I will remain “One Face” of this battle, I will be sharing the spotlight with other brave warrior women (or men!).

Qualifications to be a “Face” of One Mom’s Battle:

  • You do not need to be a professional writer (have you noticed MY typos and grammatical errors?!) but you should have a basic understanding of blogging or writing so that your story flows and is easy to follow.  If you have someone who is willing to proof your blog– double bonus!
  • The identity of each “Face” will be kept anonymous as  I have enough court dates on my own calendar to deal with!  🙂  We will be using first names only- this can be your real first name or a fake name. I will give you an email address to use for off-blog correspondence.
  •  I am seeking a variety of “Faces” to follow- I would like to see different stages of the battle represented. Are you currently divorcing a narcissist or is your divorce ten years behind you? Is your story inspirational or are you a victim of the Family Court System? Are you someone who is already working to make changes- I’d love to feature you!
  • Have you been wanting to tell your story but are afraid of the ramifications in court? Being an anonymous “Face” could provide you with the outlet that you desire.
  • Can you commit to at least two blogs per month with a maximum of one per week accepted?

What changes to the blog should you expect to see in coming months?

  • “Question of the Week” – Do you have a question to ask others or do you have an experience to share that will help the readers? Each week I will feature a “Question of the Week” and I encourage you to weigh in and give your advice. Many of us are going through the same things and gaining a new perspective can be helpful.
  • “Therapists Corner” – We’ve all been inspired by Rachel’s advice and encouragement. I will feature words of wisdom from our “resident therapist”, Rachel as well as other therapists who are interested in guest blogging.
  • “The Lawyer Says” – I would like to begin featuring general tips or advice from attorneys who truly understand high-conflict divorces and are willing to share their thoughts or helpful information.
  • “From the Battlefield”: I will begin to feature guest blogs from others who are working in the trenches to bring change and education to the Family Court System.
  • Changes to the Side Bar– as  begin to bring on new “Faces”, I will transition the side bar to reflect these new additions.

What would YOU like to see added to make One Mom’s Battle the best that it can be? I welcome your input!  To apply to be a “Face” of One Mom’s Battle, please email me at and tell me your story.

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7 Responses

  1. I would love to contribute too Tina. I am 8 years into this and because of my history, I truly believe I can assist those who are less than perfect or ideal, but they still want to protect themselves and their children. I made mistakes along the way but I have learned quite a bit. Pick me pick me lol

  2. Oh and i do not fear retribution, I do realize that men as well as women deal with abusive behaviors from their spouses (although it is more frequently female victims than male). Parents need to realize what these battles do to the children. My daughter and i were inseperable when she was a baby and toddler and due to my n-ex, that was extremely damaged. I won’t say destroyed because it is not gone, but it has taken some heavy hits. I am pretty public now with my story but would keep this seperate.

  3. I’d be happy to blog with you! Started our journey in court in 2001, and again, and again, and again until 2009. It’s been quiet, but I still wait for the other shoe to drop. I believe there is no right solution for every mom, but that our experiences can help other moms make more informed choices.

  4. I have some questions and possible suggestions if you’re open to it.. Please contact me when you can 🙂

  5. I’m going through a divorce that has been in the process since April. I struggled for years trying to figure out what was wrong with ME. I lost myself somewhere within the 20 years that I was married to this person who I loved very much. I was so depressed and my well being was at stake. My husband is fighting for parental custody and doing what he can to make sure our daughter wants it as well. It hurts so bad because she is a large reason that I have been so strong in shutting him out of my life. She just turned 13 in August which adds to the difficulty. I was the only one there for her for so many years but since he moved out, our relationship has been very strained and theirs has gotten better. I want her to have a relationship with her dad but not at my expense. He always talked to her as if he hated her and there was nothing she could do right. I’m sad to say that I’m sure it will be the same when this is all over but she thinks he has changed. Our next court date isn’t for a few more months. Any help I can get to help us get through this would be appreciated.

  6. Hello Tina,
    I am a 55 year old,who has been,separated and trying to divorce my narcissistic husband for the last 2 years. I had been married to this man for 20 years. All this time, I have felt all alone in this misery, until I found and read your story. I have 20 years worth of torment,lies,deceit and infidelity.As well as lots of unanswered questions. I would love if u would contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!