Such a Distorted Sense of Reality

Such a Distorted Sense of Reality

We (X and I) were both notified last week that the supervision company would not be open on Easter Sunday and therefore, there would be no visitation.  The court order reads that his visitations are the 1st, 3rd and 5th (if applicable) weekends of each month when/if the supervision company is available.  They told me that they were closed and I noted my calendar.  Done.  Easy, right?  Nope.

Last night, I sent him a message because our daughter was coming down with a flu/cold and I also notified the supervision company.  The basic consensus was that we would wait and see how she was in the morning and decide what to do from there.  By this morning, her fever had broke and the visitation went as planned.

In the meantime, he responds to me and asks, “Can we just plan to meet on Easter Sunday at church so that I can see the girls?”  I respond with a simple, “No”.  This morning, I woke up to the following message, “What about Easter Sunday? I want to see the girls for a while”.

*** These are the exact types of situations that previously made me question my sanity.  Did I miss something?  Weren’t you the one I’ve just spent three hellish years fighting in court?  Did you miss the part where you received supervised visits because they finally saw through you?  Do you really believe that after all we’ve (the girls and I) been through, I would just say, “Sure!  Let’s meet and hang out on Easter and violate court orders!  That will be great!  Can you pick me up a cup of coffee on your way to church — no sugar, extra cream?”.

Now I know what Alice felt like when visiting Wonderland.

My response: “The visitation service is closed on Easter and I know you have already been informed of that”.

On a positive note: Today’s visitation went well.  I didn’t see him at pick-up or drop-off.  Essentially, he followed orders.  For that, I am thankful.  

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  1. I’m glad the visitation went well finally!
    With my X, he ignores any direct question from me when I email him, yet demands that I answer any questions he may email to me. It’s so frustrating!

  2. Are you worried about him showing up at church and causing a scene on Easter? I am not trying to be a nervous Nelly, but I want you to be prepared and have an “exit plan”. I am sure this has already crossed you mind.

    Best of luck lady! I will pray everything goes smoothly.

  3. That is so funny that you would refer to Alice, my attorney made the same reference in my court papers when talking about what is like to deal with my xh.

  4. So glad that visitation went well. I am with you on the craziness and Alice-like state of mind. Until the district attorny issued a protective order that probhibits my X from asking anyone other than his lawyer about our son and limits contact to only supervised visitation – I received the phone calls and text messages all the time. Since the protective order – silence…..and I love when the supervised visits work as you wrote – I don’t have to even see him. Unfortuantely the last few times the monitor was late, so I had to deal with him wanted the child before the monitor arrived.