Supervised Visitation Is Upon Us

Supervised Visitation Is Upon Us

The time is here. Tomorrow is the first day of supervised visitation. The paperwork process delayed things a bit but the time is upon us.  I should feel ecstatic but I feel like I need a pep talk instead.

I feel comfortable with the company who is supervising the visits.  The visit will take place in a pizza place and I will meet the Director of the company 20 minutes before the visit begins to let the girls become acquainted with her.

At 12:55pm, I will leave the pizza place and he will arrive at 1pm for his visit.  The visit will last two hours and she will never leave the girls’ side.  She will be with them the entire time- at the table, in the restroom, etc.  I will arrive at 3:05pm and the same cycle will repeat on Sunday.  Two hours total.

I have a lot of mixed emotions tonight– it’s been a while since we had to interact with him (February 19th) and the last incident was so traumatizing for both the girls and I.  We (the girls and I) have had a lot of conversations about the new arrangement– all prompted by the girls.  I’ve answered all of their questions with age-appropriate answers.  They know that they get to see their dad but that they will have a “buddy” with them.  They feel good about the situation as I’ve explained it to them.

This is what I have fought so hard for.  Regardless of how I feel about him, he is their father.  This gives them the ability to know their father in a safe environment.  I pray that this order stays permanent.

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  1. I am so happy for you and the girls <3 Am going through similiar but my ex received sole custody of our 13 yr old twins…..I have one(my daughter) and my ex came with police and took my son. It has been almost a year since I have seen my son. He has been deceived in so many ways. He is a totally different child now. I pray everyday that exposer will happen. Thank You for sharing your story.
    In so many ways, it is like mine.
    God Bless,

  2. Will be praying for both you & your daughters; that this visit goes well; and your girls stay safe & enjoy this time as much as possible.
    & Lisa; I’ll be praying for your situation also! So sad that your ex isn’t thinking of what’s best for your children; & is deceiving them & keeping them away from you! I’l pray that everything in his life that he thinks is hidden in darkness will be brought out to the light; and his true actions & behavior will be exposed to the public SOON; so you can regain custody of your precious children!
    God bless both of you……

  3. I hope everythig went well. Please update us as soon as you can. This seems like a good solution in a no-win situation. I want my son to know his father too, but he needs to see him in measured doses with rational human present so things don’t get crazy. I am hoping for some of the same.