The Today Show: Narcissism has a Poster Child

The Today Show: Narcissism has a Poster Child

Narcissism has a new poster child by the name of Peter Cook.He has actually admitted that he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Those of us who are familiar with the personality disorder or have been victims of this disorder already knew this.

A few things have stirred me while watching Peter’s  interview:

1. First and foremost, I hate that Peter Cook is receiving publicity because that is what he lives for and thrives on. This is feeding his sick mind.

2. A typical narcissistic ploy is to “Muddy the Waters”.  I have seen this played out in my own case and luckily, the courts saw through it.  He is a liar so he says she is a liar to muddy the water.  She just “wants peace” so ironically, he just wants peace also.  My favorite part, he is an absolute diagnosed narcissist so (being smarter than a psychologist in his own mind) has now taken it upon himself to diagnose her as a Narcissist.  My own X has diagnosed me with Lupus because he is smarter than my doctor who graduated from Harvard.  It’s almost unbelievable.

Three words: Muddying. The. Waters.  Three more words: Typical. Narcissistic. Strategy.

3. Crocodile tears.  A narcissist doesn’t understand emotions nor do they feel emotions.  Emotions are a sign of weakness and make a Narcissist extremely uncomfortable.  ANY tears are crocodile tears to someone with NPD.  I saw this in my ow marriage when my mother died.  My X didn’t understand why I was crying.  He literally said, “You weren’t even close with her– I don’t know why you are so upset”.  It was my mother.

  • Christie Brinkley agreed to talk about her divorce (briefly) for the first time in four years.  She has remained quiet.  If Christie was a Narcissist, she would have been on every talk show airing her story and defending herself against the Peter Cook Press Machine.  She didn’t do this.  She didn’t go on the show to discuss her divorce — she went on to discuss her new show on Broadway and agreed to talk briefly about her divorce.
  • Christie Brinkley handled herself with class– because that is just who she is and has always been.  Peter Cook sees her success as a threat to him and therefore, he must rain on her parade.  It is a sickness.
  • Christie Brinkley is a true hero to all of us who have been victimized by these men.

While Narcissism has a new poster child, bullying also has a new poster child by the name of Matt Lauer.  I encourage Matt to do a segment on Divorcing a Narcissist and do the research on his own.  If one positive thing can come from this interview, I hope that it brings awareness to the public, the courts and the media.

Click here to watch Christie Brinkley on the Today Show

Click here to watch Peter Cook on the Today Show

11 Responses

  1. I watched the interview in horror. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was everything I keep saying but like Matt……no one is listening. I did email the studio and said my 2 cents. I can’t help but wonder, is Matt one of them or has he never had to deal with one? Regardless, I’ll never think of Matt Lauer again without the words ignorant *&$%#@! running through my mind.

  2. Exactly.

    It re-victimizes ALL of us. My personal fear in trying to explain what I’ve been through is the exact thing that happened to Christie. The general public can’t understand but Matt Lauer has an ethical duty to be informed before speaking.

  3. Matt Lauer angered me so much when I saw that. The interview with Peter Cook was equally disgusting. You can tell he is lying and the biggest factor in determining his role is the way that he is constantly PLAYING THE VICTIM. He takes accountability for nothing, nothing at all.

  4. I am grateful to Christie for speaking out and being a voice for us. I am divorcing after 26 yrs and he is assaulting my reputation as well. He is hurting our children and ruining his relationship with them, and for what? Some feigned idea that he can never be wrong? It is a mental illness, a disease with MANY, MANY victims!

  5. She is a classy example for all of us. Its hard enough to be in a private battle in a small town- can’t imagine having my reputation smeared on National TV.

  6. What about the fact that Peter Cook thinks his narcissism is making him a better parent?? Thank you, Peter, for displaying your disorder for all of us to see!

  7. I couldn’t believe how he took his narcissism and tried to claim it makes him a better parent. He sees his children as possessions and treats them as possessions. To him, they are nothing more than an extension of his twisted ego and manipulations. I can’t believe they allowed that to be aired. Or maybe they did it in hopes of getting his assumptions refuted by a true expert on the disorder. Regardless, the Today Show fed Peter Cooke’s need to undermine her, just like Christie Brinkley predicted. Only a twisted narcissistic douche bag (excuse me) would even consider such a defense: “My narcissism makes me a better father.” WOW!

  8. I have a nightmare post decree situation involving my narcisstic ex husband… he was “discovered” by the first Colorado Child Family Investigator in her written report, and then made it his purpose in life to “undo” the report. He succeeded through a very well crafted, well coached process.

    I desperately need affordable legal help. I’ve had to fight him without an attorney and he’s terrorizing me — and my son.

    Can someone please help me?

  9. I guess this isn’t Peter Cook the British comedian-who’s dead anyway.