A Pinwheel of Emotions

A Pinwheel of Emotions

Supervised visits.  Something that I have fought so hard for.  I sat in front of the main office waiting to meet with the Director of the program.

I’ve had a pinwheel of emotions over the past few years– red, orange, yellow, green and blue.  Today’s feelings were yellow: peaceful, happy, relieved and filled with gratitude.

The color “red” served me when I needed to fight to protect my daughters.  “Pink” comes into play when I need to wear my “mom cape” and “blue” was a feeling that visited however, I didn’t let it stay for long.

I met with “Mindy” (yes, a fake name) who was the program director.  It was a simple, homey place where we met, went over policies and discussed the next steps in the process.  I felt at ease as she laid out the ground rules– visitation in a public place with many boundaries and limits.  She will be with my daughters at all times– not simply observing from a distance.  No visits inside homes or other similar situations.  No visits near bodies of water– ocean, pools or lakes.

My appointment lasted about an hour and I left with a good feeling.  As I walked outside, I heard doves cooing.  That is my “sign” that everything is just as it should be.  My children will be safe.

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  1. That is so wonderful! I’m so happy that everything has worked out for you! Enjoy that peaceful feeling, you deserve it! : )

  2. Question for you? Does your ex get all his time, just supervised or was his visitation time changed too? Just wondering, two full weekend days seems a lot to have a supervisor sitting there. Also, who was ordered to pay for the supervision?

    My ex was granted counseling sessions with our LO, we were ordered to split the cost (which I think is BS for the record, the only reason we are in this place is because of HIM and HIS actions, why should I – who doesn’t and hasn’t recieved a penny of CS have to pay??!!! UGH!). I’m wondering how it will all play out, because obviously he can’t do 6 hours of counseling with LO e/o weekend you know what I mean?


  3. Hi! He gets up to two hours of supervised visits on Saturday and Sundays (the 1st, 3rd and 5th (if applicable) weekend of each month). I believe the cost is $60 per hour which he pays. His visits were reduced from 10am to 4pm down to 12pm to 2pm.

    I am shocked that you are ordered to split the cost– that doesn’t make sense.

  4. I know, me too. I thought it was absurd, especially since I don’t get a penny of child support, and I’m supposed to turn around and pay who knows how much out of my pocket for this? UGH. Very frustrating.