The Outcome: Supervised Visitation

The Outcome: Supervised Visitation

My heart is happy today. After 2.5 years of requesting supervised visitation, I received security for my daughters and peace of mind as a mother. I was awarded supervised visitation today.

The story of Pinocchio immediately comes to mind. He was caught in another string of lies. The judge set a new hearing for April and gave the attorney representing my daughters one month to get to the bottom of the lies. He dug himself pretty deep today and if his lies are proven in April, the visitation order of supervised visits will be made permanent. I have already began my quest to prove that he is lying and it will be fairly effortless.

I pointed out to the court that the person testifying is not the person who I interact with outside of the court and that we would be in court all afternoon if I went through each and every lie that he told in court and on paper. I addressed the fact that this was a six-month review hearing and was his chance to start behaving like the responsible father that he claimed to be. He did the opposite. He has continued in a downward spiral.

This isn’t about winning. This is about standing up for my daughters until they are old enough to do it on their own. This is about being, T-REX, Mama Bear and my daughters’ voice. This is about having the peace of mind that my daughters are safe.

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  1. So happy for you Tina. Thank God justice was finally served. I knew if you stuck with it you would prevail. So happy for you and your babies.

  2. So happy for you and your girls! This morning on the Today show they featured a women who through herself over her two children and stayed on top of them till the tornado passed by. Her children and a few scratches but she had more severe injuries. She is being called a hero and does not want the title. She said she is simply a mother, a mother who was protecting her children. When I heard the story I thought of you and how you are fighting your way through this storm and doing everything you can to protect those beautiful girls.

  3. Every parent who shares their child(ren) with a narcissist is a hero. Just staying sane is sometimes a challenge.

    But you held firm and now 28 months later you are on the verge of reaping the rewards of all that hard work to keep your daughters safe.


  4. “Every parent who shares their child(ren) with a narcissist is a hero. Just staying sane is sometimes a challenge.”

    Could have said it better myself!

    I’m so happy and relieved for you and your angels, Tina! Good luck digging up the truth over the next month!

  5. Watching you go through the stress brings out the grizzly bear in me. I am now witness ; ‘X’ is a minion of weakness and lies. .Your battle for your daughters is rightous. The love and courage you have for your children is amazing. We are proud of you. Your family loves you and we are with you. Today is progress .

  6. Congratulations to you and especially your girls!!!! I have been reading your blog and look for updates as I am going through my own court battles in family court against a narcissist. You HAVE to be strong to fight and keep your ground against such individuals. And reading your blog along with prayer and support from family and friends have made me strong enough to keep fighting and pushing forward; even when I feel like I can’t.

    Again, congrats Tina and well wishes to ALL of the mothers fighting for their children!!! If we keep fighting for our children, we will NEVER loose!!!!!

    Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fantastic for you and your girls! Good for you for not giving up. The hardest part about a narcissistic personality is how they wear you down through the endless conflict. Stay strong! Your girls will someday realize what you did for them.

  8. You know what? Hearing you own that TRex title says so much about your strength and tenacity and love for your daughters. Woohoo! I take my hat off to you!