The Big Crash

The Big Crash

Last week, my hard-drive crashed.  Kaputs.  Off to “Computer Heaven” or hell…it’s debatable.

The timing wasn’t good (when is it ever?!) but technically, its put me out of commission for five days and now I sit here eagerly awaiting a call from my local computer guru.

I tried to assess the situation and find the positives:

  • My dad was here visiting for the weekend so it forced me to “be present” rather than working.
  • Maybe isn’t the Universe’s way of telling me to get a life and stop being so dependent on that little laptop.
  • I’ve learned about the importance of backing up data daily.

The reality:  The demise of my computer coincided with paperwork deadlines for my next court date (February 8, 2012).  I was still able to pull it off– and got up early to complete the needed paperwork and I arrived at the court to file at 8:30am.  The formalities are taken care of and I met the deadlines that were in front of me.  I actually had to handwrite a few things (gasp!) but it’s done.

I am not dependent on the computer for the next stage:

Mental preparation, positive thoughts, lots of prayers, pixie dust and the famous “big girl panties”.

I have a little figurine that sits on my daughter’s dresser.  It says, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it”.    That’s just what I plan to do.

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