Home Away from Home: Court

Home Away from Home: Court

Going back to court this morning. I mentioned court to someone yesterday and they said, “Oh my gosh!  I thought that you were done with all of that?”.   Technically, yes.  The divorce is final (finally!) however, I don’t know that my court battles will ever end.

Over the past few days, I’ve debated whether or not to even go this morning?  It is for child support (lack of) and it is a date that he added to the court calendar.  He’s paid over $16,000 for rent on his luxury condo in the past eight months yet less than $1,500 in child support.  Great priorities, right?  The current balance sits somewhere near $28,000 in arrears.

I struggle with my feelings on the money aspect of this fight.  The money is supposed to be for my daughters.  As a result of the non-payment, they go without many things.  He holds it over my head– claims that I fight for custody to get more money.  To him, it’s all about the money.  We will make it regardless of whether or not he pays but the bottom line is that his daughters suffer when he withholds money in an effort to “win”.

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  1. I hope you decided to go. Someone close to me didn’t get her child support for years. When he got in trouble with the IRS and they began garnishing his wages, she got her son’s share first for all the unpaid child support. Your ex definitely sounds like the type that would think he’d be above paying his taxes. I agree that you can’t plan on it or expect it, no matter what the court says, but it’s worth the time just in case you can get it later.

  2. I always remind myself that child support is not for me, it is for my daughter. It is her RIGHT to have this money. Someday she will thank me for it 🙂

    Good luck!

  3. If you ever do receive any of his CS, it would make a great college fund for your girls 😉 Even if you don’t need it, I would still keep trying to get it so it is there someday when they can use it 🙂

  4. Not for nuthing, but as someone whose recently become aware of just how important the financial aspect is (and i’m sure that represents *all* of us), if he cannot handle the emotional responsbilities of being a parent, don’t ever feel bad about expecting him to step up to the plate to cover his financial responsibilities.

    The court can’t order someone to be a good parent. But the court can order someone to be a good provider.