Ex Parte Hearing Set

Ex Parte Hearing Set

Back to court.

I received news this morning that I’ve been waiting for.  My daughter’s attorney set at ex parte hearing to address my X’s recent DUI charges.

The hearing is set for Friday morning.

Currently, he has someone else drive when he picks up the children so that I don’t “see” him driving the children sans a license.  From there, they drive to his family’s home and they switch cars– and then he drives with my daughters in his car.  He drives my daughters without a driver’s license and without valid car insurance to protect them if there was an accident.

His current issue is that I saw him driving my children.  I knew he had been driving my daughters because they told me.  With the way our court system works, I can’t enter that in as evidence.  It’s hearsay.  Seeing with my own eyes isn’t hearsay.

So, we have court on Friday for the ex parte hearing and we have court on Monday for child support (specifically, lack of it) and his request to have support orders reduced to zero.

Two court dates on the horizon.

I will be going back into the trenches.  Battle gear on.

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  1. Good Luck. I have recently started following your Blog (I am in a similar situation). Keep us posted 🙂

  2. You *can* do this… Your daughters are so lucky to have such a great example of hard work.

    Sending you much luck and strength for tomorrow and your next court date.