My Rock

My Rock

I’ve wanted to write this post for quite some time but I can never seem to find the right words.  Sometimes things in life happen for a reason.  They aren’t planned.  They aren’t expected.

They just happen.

In June of 2009, I placed an online ad.  As I said before, I was searching for friendships…not a mate.  A man answered my ad and we had nothing in common.

Actually, we did have one thing in common– we were both single parents.  Even in that realm, we didn’t have a lot in common: his boys were between the ages of 16 and 20 and my girls…only 2 and 4.  He was cleaning sand (from surfing) out of his dryer vent and I was removing pink glitter and fuzz from mine.  I remember joking about this over email.

I read his profile several times and wondered what we’d even talk about…he was a Park Ranger and my idea of camping is a 2-star resort.  He was seeking someone who knew how to change in and out of a wetsuit with ease and enjoyed hiking.  He sought someone who didn’t flinch at the thought of a “tick check”.  For me, the thought of putting on a wetsuit weights up there with root canals and while I do own a pair of hiking boots…they’ve never actually been on my feet.  The mere thought of a tick on my body makes me want to cry.

I reevaluated my initial thoughts– it’s just coffee.  You are looking for friends.  What do you have to loose?

Fast forward to today (two and a half years later)- this man has restored my faith in men.  Luckily, I met him before my divorce got crazy because had I waited…I may have never dated another man for the rest of my life.  I don’t know of another man who would have stood by my side through this roller coaster.  He has been my rock, my support system and the love of my life.  When I picture myself with grey hair– I picture him next to me.

Through him, I have learned that there are genuinely good men in this world.  He loves my every color– the good and the bad.  He doesn’t try to change me.  He loves me for who I am now…and for who I will be in 20 years.  He is patient, kind and he truly adores me.

When he says, “I love you”…I actually feel it.

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  1. That is so amazing. I love it. And this line?

    “He was cleaning sand (from surfing) out of his dryer vent and I was removing pink glitter and fuzz from mine.”

    Best. Line. Ever!!

  2. It is so great to feel that faith in others restored! I am truly glad you found someone because I myself did also, and I know how much it has meant. I was about to give up on men because for me my ex was ALL men. I had no intentions of finding a partner but I did, and I am grateful because like you he stands next to me in the ugliness and holds my hand. Unfortunately my exes lawyer and the judge used my having found a partner against me, but I will not let them take him away from me. Its the only glimmer of light I have in this whole dark evil situation. (My kids like him and he loves them too!) Truth is our exes would love for us to be alone because for them that would be another win….hold onto your angel………because through these trials we most certainly need someone to hold us up every once in a while!

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  4. Hi,

    I’m so glad you found someone. One of my huge fears is that when I leave my marriage, there will be no one for me. I’ve spent twenty plus years of marriage being alone and I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life! Thank you for the hope! 🙂