Refusing to Comply with Court Orders

Refusing to Comply with Court Orders

When you are dealing with a person who refuses to follow orders, it gets to the point where you just want to bang your head into a wall.  That’s how I was feeling this morning.

He is still refusing to comply with a very simple order: email 24 hours prior to a visit to notify us if he plans to exercise his right to visitation.  He doesn’t like following rules.

This morning, I finally reached out to the attorney who was ordered to represent my daughters.  He was also frustrated and doesn’t understand why its so difficult to follow a very simple order.  He called my X directly and read him the order verbally.  He assured me that there shouldn’t be any future problems (yes, I am knocking on my wooden desk right now).

The attorney also confirmed the bottom line: if he doesn’t comply then there is no visitation.  Period.  I knew this but it also helped to hear it from someone else– especially someone who was appointed to work in my daughters’ best interest.

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  1. Well, the good thing is that if you don’t get the email at 23 hrs, 59 minutes and 59 seconds you can ignore any and all contact with him until the next time. He’ll learn sooner or later. And, if he doesn’t, he won’t get to see his children. As I’ve told my XH many times “action=consequence”. I find the less words I use, the better.

  2. Can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m still sorry to hear it. I totally understand how the attorney’s validation helps. Being a single parent that can’t count on the X to have our children’s best interests at heart, it really helps when someone else can understand that we’re not upset out of bitterness, but for our kids.

  3. Maybe he cares more about hurting you than he cares about the girls.

    From what I understand, some men are like that in a separation / divorce.

  4. Hi! How did you get someone to work in your childrens’ best interest? is there a legitimate process that insures their protection and safety or does it just follow protocol and make you jump through hoops in order to maintain contact in the beginning?

    Are there any laws in place to protect the children during visitation with someone who does not support them or have any vested interest in them except for genetics? That alone SHOULD NOT JUSTIFY visitation and possession of innocent, helpless children IN ANY COURT IN ANY COUNTRY. Some things need to carry more weight, some things need to be investigated!

    love to all…

  5. Irevolutiontree- I had asked several times for the courts to appoint an attorney and towards the end of the case, the Commissioner granted my request.

    The Commissioner in our case has been great to be completely honest. I can’t imagine being in his position and having to hear all of the things that have been entered. He didn’t know who to believe and finally appointed an attorney to get to the bottom of the issues and accusations.

  6. My one was required to give my 48 hours notice after my child was pulled out of day care 2 hours early and waited for him every Monday and Tuesday for three months and he never showed the entire time. I can’t imagine what it was like for her to be pulled out time and time again and then be sent back to her class we he never showed.

    But what happened after that? Well when I didn’t allow visitation because he didn’t provide advanced notice, well then I was “gatekeeping” according to his attorney. So the judge said he didn’t have to do it anymore.
    God I hate family court