Hearing Request: Denied

Hearing Request: Denied

November 18, 2011- After receiving the paperwork yesterday with his request for an emergency hearing, I spoke to many knowledgeable people.  Professional bloggers and people with a background in law.  I was assured that I was in compliance since I haven’t publicly named him.  In an effort to compromise, I went onto the blog and removed any reference to my children’s first names, photos, etc.

The bottom line: this isn’t about “him”…it’s about MY journey and MY healing.  

I printed out each and every page of my blog and I submitted it to the court as my response.  I informed the judge in my response that I was unable to attend the hearing due to work duties and motherhood obligations.  I knew in my heart that the hearing request would be denied.

It was denied. 

The judge wrote the following, “DENIED- No Hearing to be set”

Stamped.  Signed.  Done.

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