Intimidation Tactics…

Intimidation Tactics…

I left my house this morning to drive my daughter to 1st grade.  We drove, sang songs and talked on the way to school.  The morning was off to a great start.

We pulled up in front of the school and I pulled up against the curb to let my little girl out.  I opened my door and stepped out of the car to help her with her backpack and a car came flying in beside me–blocking my car.  I looked over and it was him– my ex husband and his older brother.  I didn’t know what was happening but I was trembling.  I am terrified of his older brother and could write an entire blog about that.  He (my ex-brother in law) is one of the scariest people that I know and I have fought very hard to keep my daughters away from him.

He handed me paperwork– for an ex parte hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning.  As usual, the paperwork was rambling and strange.  Most of it didn’t even make sense.  The bottom line– he saw my blog and wants it removed.  He wants the custody orders changed and is throwing out words like “defamation” and “slander”.  He threw out accusations of Parental Alienation Syndrome which is the furthest thing from the truth.  He is a bully and he is trying to intimidate me.

This blog isn’t about him.  It’s about my desire to help other women who are in my shoes.  Chin up…forward march.

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  1. Im glad you write about life and what you went through and how far you have come.. I know I’m not the only one who “had” a crazy controll freak in their life. 🙂

    “Laugh More, Live Longer”

  2. Thanks ladies and thanks for your message earlier, Mandy. I’ve had a ton of feedback from reputable people and I spoke to an attorney. I feel totally confident in what I’m doing and the fact that it won’t have any bearing in court.

  3. I appreciate your spirit of helping others by giving us examples and experiences. Divorce is never easy and this one sounds horrific. In the same spirit, I’d like to suggest the following. Be prepared to video any encounter. Most of our phones or cameras have this capability and home video units are simple and affordable. Under the circumstances described he was getting into areas of law related to kidnapping by blocking your car and your movement. At a minimum, this is the type of behavior the court considers when issuing a restraining order (worked for me). A video adds evidence to that process. It also helped with my situation in the long run because he knew he was being filmed at all times. When my daughter was about 7, I taught her to use this feature on her phone and told him… Good luck in your battle, bee prepared, bee safe.

  4. I’ve been in a similar place, not with an ex-husband but with ex-friends. I strongly suspect narcissism in them both and BPD in one; they saw my blog, which was my story of what had happened between us, all names changed–and started threatening me with lawsuits for defamation. Of course, 6 months later, my blog is still up, and they’ve done nothing.