A Monster and the Parking Structure

A Monster and the Parking Structure

My daughters came home from an overnight visit with him in San Francisco.  A few weeks after the visit, my daughter confided in me that “Daddy was mean” to her little sister.

The story as told to me by my daughters:

Our four year old daughter was crying because she was scared of a spider in the room where she was supposed to sleep.  He couldn’t find the spider and he was increasingly frustrated with her cries.  He threatened her— if she didn’t stop crying then he would put her in the car overnight…in the dark, scary parking structure.  He knew that she was afraid of the parking structure– so he threatened her.  Then he left the room.  She was hysterical and couldn’t calm down.

My older daughter, age 6 became so upset that she left the room and followed him.  She begged him not to put her sister in the parking structure and promised him that she would keep her sister quiet if they could sleep together.  He agreed.  She went back in and comforted her sister.  Once again, she had to play the role of the mother– of the protector.  Protecting her little sister from a 37-year old bully who uses cruel and mean threats to get his way.

I was confident that this would stand up in court.  How could they not listen to this?

I was hopeful because my daughter had confided in her therapist about this exact story.  The therapist then told the attorney who had been appointed to represent my daughters in the final months.