Facebook in Divorce Court – Caught Again

Facebook in Divorce Court – Caught Again

The “X” was still communicating with my friend on Facebook.  She posted on Facebook about a trip to Las Vegas and he “just happened to be going that same weekend”.  What a coincidence.  The problem– it was on his visitation weekend.

In their Facebook communications, he eluded that he was taking my daughters out of state- to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Transporting the girls out of state was against court order.  The thought of him with my daughters in Las Vegas was more than I could handle.  I knew this was the time to blow my cover.  I knew that he would find out that we were tracking him on Facebook but I didn’t care anymore.  I had more than enough evidence by this point in time.

In his correspondence, he had mentioned that he wanted to show them the sights of Vegas– the grandeur.  He was bringing his Aunt Noreen who would watch them at night while he “played”.  He said, “it kind of reminds me of Chevy Chase’s Vacation“.

I emailed him and called off the visitation.

He threatened me with everything– police, court, etc.  I still have the original voice mails saved on my phone.  He went off the deep end as he knew he had been caught in a string of lies pertaining to who he was, the houses he (didn’t) owned, the businesses he (didn’t) owned and the facade of a good dad who was a high-roller.  Game over.

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