Another Cancelled Visitation- with Seven Minutes Notice

Another Cancelled Visitation- with Seven Minutes Notice

Exhibit 116 out of a million.  Another cancelled visitation.

This one was hard to swallow for a multitude of reasons.

The night prior to his scheduled visitation, my daughter came down with a horrible cough and fever.  I was up with her most of the night as she is prone to complex febrile seizures whenever she has a fever.  I packed the girls into the car early in the morning and drove to our pick-up location.  We left earlier than usual because I needed to stop at the store to buy a humidifier and medication for the “X’s” house as her cough was getting very bad.

We accomplish all of the above and then waited at the coffee shop parking lot.  Seven minutes prior to his pick-up time, he sent an email stating that he isn’t coming.  More excuses.  More lies.  I cried.  I was tired– I was frustrated that I had dragged my sick little girl out of her warm bed and through a store for this man who didn’t deserve to be a father.  Tears for my daughters who deserve so much better.

Mixed emotions again because I was also relieved that I didn’t have to be away from her while she was ill.

At this point, his visitation schedule was three overnight visits per month.  Such a small commitment yet he couldn’t even follow through with that.

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