Dating Profile and Lies

Dating Profile and Lies

I was preparing for my upcoming divorce trial and went into stealth-mode.  I became a Private Investigator.

I ended up finding his online dating profiles on Fitness Singles and

I’m not naive– I’m sure most people stretch the truth a little.  Lies by omission.  It reminds me of Real Estate agents who use photos from 20+ years ago.  I get it.

Stretching the truth and pretending to be a completely different person are two different ballgames. 

  • His income was listed at 100,001 to 150,000 (didn’t turn out to be a complete lie.  He only lied about it on court paperwork pertaining to child support).
  • Relationship Status: Never married.  (Really…?)
  • Education: Graduate Degree (No….that’s not true either).
  • Kids: No (How do you lie about having children?).

I don’t know why I continue to be shocked.  Nothing should surprise me anymore. 

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