Additional Visitation Granted- With Conditions

Additional Visitation Granted- With Conditions

Our Parenting Agreement (June 2010) stated that “X” could have increased visitation (from three overnights per month to six overnights per month) after he completed the following:

  • 4 months of weekly parenting classes.
  • Individual counseling to address personal issues specifically related to anger management, stress and communication with the mother.
  • No alcohol usage around the children until completion of the above items.

He was to file proof of completion by October 31, 2010.

If someone told me that I could double my time with my daughters by fulfilling those simple requirements, I would have signed up the moment I left the courtroom.  Easy peasy, right?  Wrong.

His child support was based on the increased visitation (six overnights per month) and therefore, he didn’t need nor did he want increased visitation.  Not only did he not do anything required of him by the court (these items have never been completed), he failed to show up to many of his limited visits.

One example: Thanksgiving 2010 was supposed to be his holiday visitation.  I received a text on November 22, 2010 stating that he wasn’t going to be taking the girls after all.  There was a slew of reasons and lies– the end result: we packed the girls in the car and we spent Thanksgiving Day at Disneyland and then the weekend with my sister in Orange County.

The moral of this story?  When all else fails…head to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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