Pleasure from Pain

Pleasure from Pain

February 2, 2010- I woke up around 6am and we began getting ready for our weekly “Mommy and Me” class at the Adult School.

At 8:10am, I opened my door to take the trash outside.  I had a strange feeling immediately- like someone was there.  I stood on my porch and looked down the stairs.  It took me a moment to process what was happening.  “He” was sitting in his mini-van at the bottom of the stairs— staring up at me.

I looked down the stairs and saw 17 picture frames lining my stairs from top to bottom.  He had been ordered by the court to return all of the pictures that he stripped from my walls– or to purchase new frames.  This was his sick way of following court orders but it also allowed him to wreak emotional havoc on me at the same time.

I was trying to wrap my mind around what was happening.  I stood there staring at him– in total shock.  He sat in his car staring back at me.

All I could bring myself to say was, “You are insane.  You are completely insane”.
His reply: “Here are all of your picture frames”.

I quickly ran into the house and got my camera.  He turned his car on and drove away.

I took a picture of the frames lining the stairs and then went into the house.  I was physically shaking.  He thrived on intimidating me.  He derived pleasure from causing me pain.  It’s hard for me to comprehend to this day.

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