Disneyland is not always the Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland is not always the Happiest Place on Earth

November 7th, 8th and 9th, 2009– His weekend was November 7th and 8th– he informed me that he was taking the girls to Disneyland.  It was always difficult to drop them off with him — even harder when I knew they were leaving the county.

The girls returned from the weekend and I dropped them off at school as usual on Monday morning.  At 3:20pm, I arrived at the school for pick up and was stopped by one of the preschool teachers.  They were concerned about a picture that my oldest daughter drew that day.  I arrived at her classroom to talk to her teacher.  She brought out a picture that depicted both girls and their father at Disneyland.  In the picture, she was crying and under the picture, she wrote: “Im fileeg sad so I want to call my mommy”.

The teacher said that she wrote this on her own and they probed her about the meaning.  She didn’t seem to want to talk about it.  All she said was that she was sad at Disneyland and wanted to talk to her mommy.  The teacher explained to her that they  loved her and that she was safe at school.  They encouraged her to talk about anything that was bothering her.   She did not elaborate on the issue so they did not push her.

At dinner that night, my youngest daughter said, “Daddy hurt (Daughter #1)  at the cookie shop”.  I turned to her and asked her what happened…this was our conversation which I documented:

“I hit (my sister) and daddy was angry at me”.

Me: How do you know that Daddy was angry at you?

Because he squeezed my wrist really, really hard and make me cry a lot.

Me: Can you show me how daddy squeezed your wrist?

(At this point she took my arm and squeezes as hard as she could while making a mean, distorted face).

Me: Ouch.  That hurt.  Did it hurt a lot or a little when Daddy squeezed your arm?

It hurt a lot –like when daddy squeezed me at the Hillcrest house.


I was confident that this would have a huge impact on the Parenting Evaluation.  The school kept a copy of the picture.  I also copied the picture that she drew and filed it with Family Court Services.

Again…I was hopeful that they would be able to stop the damage being done to my daughters.

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  1. My Ex picked my son up off of the ground by his shoulder pads and shook him at one of his football games. The other coach intervened. I wasn’t there. I was at my other son’s games. I heard about it from everyone that was there.
    My Ex was actually the first person to tell me. I was relieved that he knew that he did something wrong. I now realize that he was just using manipulation…be the first to tell me to soften the blow. It worked.
    That was then…