Meeting “My Rock”

Meeting “My Rock”

I posted a personal ad.   Online.

I had a deep desire to form real friendships.  I had hundreds of “friends” but didn’t have real friendships.  My world while married was pretend.  One local newspaper article called us the “Golden Couple” during our entrepreneurial stint.  I felt like everything BUT the Golden Couple.  We had friends but it was what I refer to as “surface friendships”.  I was forbid to talk about anything “real”.  Our money issues, my health concerns or problems in our marriage…all topics that were forbidden.  I remember sitting at a dinner party one night and telling a group of friends that I had just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis– the car ride home was silent.  “He” could not believe that I would tarnish our perfect image.  From that point on, I kept my health issues to myself.   I kept all issues to myself.  I knew that our life was private.

I made a list of the 50 things that I wanted in a future partner…things that I would not “settle” on.  I read that list often.  At the time, I wasn’t looking for a relationship.  I was looking for a friend.  The list gave me hope for the future.

I placed an online ad.  I kept it very simple- no photo.  It started something like this:  I don’t want a relationship– seeking a friend for coffee, etc.  ….it was pretty basic- pretty simple.  I mentioned that I had children but also mentioned that they didn’t need a father– they had a father.  I also mentioned that they would not meet my children- for a long time…possibly never.

I went out on one coffee date in June with Glenn and the rest is history.  For over two years, I’ve had best friend…a partner in life…and I’ve been in love.  I’ve met someone who values my feelings and loves me for who I am.

He loves my every color and accepts me for who I am without trying to change me.

That online ad was the best decision I’ve made in years.  Glenn has restored my faith in men.

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