Narcissism and Lack Of Emotions

Narcissism and Lack Of Emotions

Seth had a complete lack of emotion.  This was another red flag that I chose to ignore.

I brought up his lack of emotions many times throughout our marriage and he just shrugged.  He didn’t understand it either.  He just didn’t feel like most people did.  There was no empathy.  At one point, towards the end of our marriage he asked me to buy him books on feelings and emotions.  He knew something was wrong- so I went to the bookstore and bought every book that I could find.

November 28, 2001 – I was sitting in a Border’s Book Store in Marin County one evening studying for a test.  My grandparents called my cell phone and I received crushing news.  I had been waiting for this call my entire life and I thought I was prepared: my mom died of a drug overdose.  To this day, I believe it was an intentional overdose.

I was devastated.  All of my hopes for her to recover from addiction- gone.  All of my hopes for her to be healthy- gone.  All of my hopes for her to be my mom– gone.  Gone with that one phone call.

The next hour was a blur for me.  I ran from the coffee shop leaving behind my laptop, my school books and my purse.  I was hysterical and I remember that I could barely breathe.  My mom was dead.  I was standing up against my car sobbing but I couldn’t get in.  My keys were inside the bookstore.

A couple came up and if I needed help.  Yes- I needed help…I needed my mom to be alive.  The woman hugged me and then went inside and got all of my belongings.  I called Seth and he sounded confused.  He seemed quite and casually said, “Ok- I’ll meet you at home.”  I went home and waited for almost two hours- he wasn’t answering his phone.  I was laying on my bed sobbing when he finally came home carrying a pizza.  He walked in, looked at me and said, “Do you want a piece of pizza?”.  I remember being shocked and staring at him in complete confusion.

I said, “No.  I don’t want pizza.  I can’t believe you stopped and got pizza on the way home!  I needed you.”

His response: “I don’t know what the big deal is– you weren’t even close to your mom“.

No hug.  No feelings.  No empathy.  Nothing.

What’s even crazier than his lack of caring or lack of emotions?

The fact that I married him one month later.      


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4 Responses

  1. Tina,

    Have you figured out why you married this man?

    What was the issue with your self esteem, your sense of right & wrong, and your boundaries that led you to marry someone who behaves in this way?

    The reason I ask is because – if you don’t figure this out, you may make the same sort of mistake (or a similar mistake) in the future.

  2. Oh my, does this feel familiar. I was supposed to be in my ex-sister-in-law’s wedding when I got the call from my dad that my mother, who had been ill for years, was dying. My ex-mother-in-law told me her daughter would be devastated if I weren’t in the wedding, so, people-pleaser that I was, I flew halfway across the country twice to try to be in the wedding AND at my mother’s bedside when she died — luckily I was. My ex-husband’s response? I was “illogical” to go back and forth and his wealthy parents wasted money on two plane tickets. And, yes, I stayed in the marriage and had two children with him.